Incredible Footage Of UFO Transiting Moon With Thrusters Firing Sparks Controversy: Alien UFO Or NASA Black Project Spacecraft?

Footage, first captured in 2014 by an online UFO hunter, shows a “high altitude UFO” with structures that look like three rocket thrusters transiting the face of the moon at great speed. The footage sparked a debate among members of the UFO community when it was first uploaded online more than a year ago. And it sparked fresh discussions after it was reposted to YouTube recently.

UFO researchers debated whether the craft, believed to be shown firing three thrusters as it flew over the face of the moon, was a government black project spacecraft or an alien UFO.

YouTube sky watcher Crrow777, also known as Crow Tripplehorn, recently reposted the old clip (see below), first uploaded to his YouTube channel in November, 2014. The footage appears to show a UFO flying at tremendous speed against the backdrop of the moon and firing thrusters. It appears, according to Crrow777, to slow down each time the thrusters fire.

Questions about the identity and nature of the UFO have lingered since Crrow777 first filmed it in November, 2014. And members of the online UFO community have revisited the lingering mystery of the strange UFO with retrorocket engines.

“Many followers asked me to redo this clip so here it is,” Crrow777 writes. “Shot well over a year ago, this clip shows a very high altitude craft with three rocket-like thrusters.”

“Shot well over a year ago, this clip shows a very high altitude craft with three rocket-like thrusters.”

Crrow777 explains that he shot the footage just before dark on November 2, 2014 and notes that it is unique because it was not observed or captured on camera by any other member of the UFO community at the time.

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A UFO with three thrusters [Image via Shutterstock]
“The footage was shot in the daytime using an 8? telescope through a city light filter. This is why the footage looks to have been shot at night,” he explains.

He describes the UFO as an “apparent space vehicle” firing three engines as it flew against the backdrop of the lunar surface.

“What are we looking at here? While we cannot claim to know, beyond a doubt, we can state with a certainty what it is not,” the skywatcher wrote at the time he first uploaded the footage online.

He explained that the UFO appeared to be an “intelligently controlled craft” flying at an estimated altitude of 200 miles to 400 miles above Earth, within the range of low Earth orbit (LEO).

But dismissing suggestions that it was only a satellite, he argued that, “If satellites commonly fired engines as we see in this footage, it seems certain that sightings and footage of objects like this would be abundant.”

Crrow777 claimed that many online UFO researchers attempted to match the mysterious UFO with known space agency activities at the time — including the Russian and Chinese agencies. And although NASA and the Chinese space agencies had space activities scheduled, the specific date, time and type of scheduled activities simply did not match the observed craft.

The sky watcher concluded that the craft was certainly not “a listed satellite” because it had been checked against all known satellite lists at the time.

“It is not a listed satellite as it has been vetted against known satellite lists.”

“The Chinese Chang’e 5 and the US Orion unmanned EFT-1 missions were both examined but no precise correlation could be made to the object filmed firing its engines,” Crroww777 wrote.

While some members of the UFO community expressed the view that the evidence pointed to an alien UFO interloper in orbit, most analysts thought that it was very unlikely that an alien UFO piloted by technologically advanced alien species across vast interstellar space would rely on relatively primitive retrorocket technology to slow it down. They argued that the observable features of the spacecraft were remarkably similar to the current status of human rocket technology, but agreed that it does not show any known or “listed” man-made satellite in orbit.

Many believed it could be a black project spacecraft. But with regard to the suggestion that it was a government black project craft, many expressed surprise that government agencies would engage in black projects based on old fuel-based retrorocket technology in 2014.

The apparent contradictions led some UFO researchers to examine the mystery of the UFO from a different perspective. They pointed out that the preceding observations were based on the assumption that the footage actually shows a UFO with thrusters firing.

“It could be that one side of this UFO is reflective material. It is spinning very slowly as it moves across the moon.”

UFO blogger Scott Waring introduced a new perspective when he pointed out that what appears to be thrusters could in fact be reflective components of a UFO. His suggestion thus re-introduced the possibility that the UFO could be of extraterrestrial origin.

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