‘Supergirl’ Guest Star Laura Vandervoort Transforms Into Indigo

Monday’s episode of Supergirl kicks off a special story arc that will feature Laura Vandervoort as the DC villain, Indigo. This will not be Laura’s first sci-fi role, nor will it be her first time acting in a DC universe series. Previously, Vandervoort starred on Smallville as Supergirl, so it will be interesting for her to experience the superhero from a villain’s viewpoint.

Laura Vandervoort will play Indigo, who was sentenced to Fort Rozz after having betrayed the people of Krypton. Vandervoort guest stars in a multi-episode arc, so fans can expect Indigo to cause quite a stir in National City.

Supergirl Guest Star Laura Vandervoort Tells All She Can About Indigo

Vandervoort says she’s been really excited to be asked to be a part of the Supergirl series, especially after being so long since her last time playing a DC comics character. She adds that she finds it thrilling to come into the show as a villain. Vandervoort also tells fans that Indigo is a new kind of villain. The Indigo character is a living supercomputer with a mind of her own and, since she can transport digitally via the Internet, Indigo poses a greater threat than even Supergirl realizes.

Laura Vandervoort also tells fans that Supergirl will have to travel to the Fortress of Solitude to find out just how to fight Indigo. The villain Laura portrays poses a unique challenge for Supergirl. Since Indigo’s nature is unlike anything else she has previously encountered, Supergirl will be playing it by ear.

While Vandervoort couldn’t reveal why Indigo was imprisoned in Fort Rozz, she did suggest that Indigo is one of the most dangerous villains to have been imprisoned there. Vandervoort added that Indigo’s past would be revealed in the Supergirl story arc.

Laura Says Comparing Smallville And Supergirl Is Like Comparing Apples And Oranges

DC Comics introduces Indigo as a version of Brainiac, who was also brought in on Smallville, but Vandervoort says not to expect many similarities. While Smallville and Supergirl may stem from the same universe, Laura says the Supergirl series is really trying to stand out.

“It’s a different version for sure. Similar to how it was different on Smallville, Supergirl the series has a different take on the characters, which I think is great; it’s time for a change. It’s definitely a different version than we saw on Smallville.”

For Vandervoort, getting into character takes more than just slipping into a red cape, this time around. Indigo requires a little more attention to detail. For full make-up and hair styling, it takes between three and four hours. Vandervoort says she has to wear a prosthetic on her forehead that’s equipped with three LED lights. The cap is placed over her head, blue make-up is applied, and her head is topped off with a wig.

Vandervoort says it’s far more easy to get into the Indigo mindset than the make-up, because getting to play this villain has been a joy for her.

“There’s a lot of things about her that I’ve been enjoying,” says the Supergirl guest star. “Just her mysterious presence and the fact that she uses a bit of her sexuality to get what she wants, but in a very strong, alpha sort of way.”

Laura adds that it has been exciting to be able to play a villain, because it lets her tap into a wider array of emotions. The Supergirl actress says she loves the way Indigo melds a sense of humor with her dark and twisted nature. Laura says it has been a blast working with Indigo’s personality.

Laura Vandervoort debuts as Indigo in the Monday, February 29 episode of Supergirl, entitled “Solitude,” which will air on CBS.

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