‘Real Housewives’ Vicki Gunvalson Is Returning To Bravo Despite Cancer Lie Scandal

There seems to be some deal of confusion about why Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson would return for another season of the show, considering that she was humiliated last season after being caught in a scandal that involved her and her boyfriend allegedly lying about his cancer diagnosis. She seems confident that she has had enough, and no longer has any friends on the show; so, why would she possibly want to subject herself to more humiliation? Yet, it has been confirmed that she is returning to the original Bravo show this season.

According to the Inquisitr, RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson admitted that she had been caught in a few lies after getting intertwined with Brooks Ayers. The woman who was the only original cast member from Orange County went from being a popular staple to someone who could not be trusted, and a woman who had thrown friends and even her own daughter Briana to the wolves for Ayers. There were serious doubts if she would ever be seen on Bravo again, but the network confirmed that she is back.

Real Mr. Housewife believes that the chance that an accused liar will take a lie detector test on television always means big ratings. It’s hard to imagine that there can be any trust and healing between Gunvalson and the rest of the women without a clean slate. Was Gunvalson conned by Brooks Ayers? Likely, but without a full mea culpa, it’s hard to imagine any resolution, according to insiders.

“Shannon is not going to let Vicki live this down and she is also not going to let her back out of it. The two of them have been going at it and they have only taped together just a few times.”

The ladies want Gunvalson to come clean, and take a polygraph test, but Vicki Gunvalson has said “no,” and claims to be truly offended, which is ironic.

Gunvalson wants to move on, and deal with someone else’s dirty laundry, but there is likely no moving on without truly putting all of the lies to rest.

Radar Online is reporting that the biggest thorn in the side of Vicki Gunvalson is her one time biggest supporter, Shannon Beador, who will not let the lies go on RHOC. Though taping has just begun, any interaction between Beador and Gunvalson has been heated. Shannon is not going to let all the drama that Gunvalson and Ayers caused go.

“Shannon and the other girls want Vicki to take a lie detector test to prove that she did not know that Brooks was lying about having cancer.”

Beador wants Gunvalson to admit that she lied, and that she knew Ayers did not have cancer.


Reality Tea is saying that claims that Gunvalson was not truthful on Real Housewives has gone beyond the O.C. to Hollywood are confirmed by actress Debra Messing, who says she knew Gunvalson was lying all last season, and covering for alleged con man Brooks Ayers.

On WWHL with Andy Cohen, Debra Messing stated that Vicki Gunvalson knew Brooks Ayers was being less than honest, and helped keep up the charade for the full season.

“She totally knew. Vicki knew. Ugh. She got me really, really mad,” the actress said.


In response, Vicki Gunvalson took to Twitter to state that what Messing had to say was not true; she loved Ayers and was being supportive.

Do you think that Vicki Gunvalson will come clean on Real Housewives?

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]