Has Sam Hunt Become A Bigger Gay Icon Than Madonna, Cher, And Britney Spears?

Sam Hunt is straight and there is nothing that gay men can do about it. The gay crushes started on Hunt after he released the video for “Take Your Time” in 2015. There has been more mention of his name in gay forums than the usual suspects: Madonna, Cher, and Britney Spears.

Last summer, posters at the popular gay gossip site The Data Lounge went in for the kill.

“Country artists despise gays and country music is garbage, but I’d bang him!” said one poster.

“Sam Hunt is totally hot. I saw a rerun of him on Ellen singing Take Your Time -great song – but he was so endearing when she spoke to him afterwards. I’d not be surprised if he’s gay,” wished another poster.

Sam Hunt Awards Unfortunately for gay men, Sam Hunt is straight. [Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]The drooling over the country superstar continued all throughout the year. But it all came to a climax when Sam Hunt sang at the Grammy Awards wearing a tight white shirt. The LGBT friendly sight Oh No They Didn’t posted an article with the title “Everyone is Thirsty For Sam Hunt After Last Night’s Grammys.” The comments after the article and pictures proved how loved in the LGBT community Sam Hunt is, even if it’s just for his looks.

“I actually think he’s cute and I’m never here for the guys ONTD loves lol,” claimed poster “cityxpretty.”

“I dont know where you all live, but where i am there aren’t that many guys like this, so… yep, i will remain thirsty for this tall sexy man,” said Ferniinberlin.

Then, Gay Twitter lit up like dogs hungry for a bone.


The LGBT community frowned when it was rumored that Hunt was dating Kaley Cuoco. OK! started the rumor.

“Despite her claims on Ellen that she isn’t dating Sam Hunt, Kaley Cuoco is still facing chatter that there is a bond blossoming between the duo. And a source speaking to OK! has revealed that the two have some serious chemistry!”

Even E! Online noted that Hunt was seen walking out of a club with Cuoco recently and the two were chatting it up. An onlooker told the site that it looked like they completely hit it off and were trying to downplay the flirtation as just a friendship, but it was pretty undeniable. The source said Kaley kept talking to him with her hand over her mouth.

Meanwhile, according to Headline Planet, Hunt’s album Montevallo has been certified double platinum. The album sold over 1 million copies, which used to just be considered just platinum. However, due to rule changes with the RIAA, the album has earned a double platinum certificate.

Sam Hunt would be smart to keep wearing those tight white shirts. As James Franco learned, there is a huge gay audience out there for straight men who openly support LGBT rights. Are you a big fan of Sam Hunt and — if you are gay — is his appeal in more than his looks? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]