Louis Tomlinson: Is There Anyone The One Direction Star Can Trust?

Louis Tomlinson must sometimes wonder if there is anyone left on this planet that he can trust. One Direction star Louis works hard at maintaining his privacy. Tomlinson is a child of the information age and, as a result, Louis is only too well aware that in our world information is valuable. The problem faced by Tomlinson and his One Direction bandmates is that they work in a business where information is its life-blood. Tomlinson learned quickly that One Direction had an image built around them that allowed them to build a $1 billion brand.

So carefully constructed was One Direction’s image, under Simon Cowell and One Direction’s management team, that Louis and his bandmates learned that they must do nothing to damage that image. Louis was schooled to be careful with every word he uttered, lest he made a comment that alienated One Direction’s fans or the wider public. This, in effect, means that Tomlinson learned to keep his opinions to himself and his personal life private.

Louis learned well, and he learned fast. So well did Tomlinson learn that even his very considerable charitable efforts remain largely secret. Of course, Louis and his bandmates have frequently harnessed the power of the One Direction fandom to promote charitable causes and issues that are important to them. Louis has furnished a number of charities, of which he is a patron, with carefully worded and doubtless much scrutinized statements of support. Yet, as reported by the Inquisitr, Louis’ considerable charitable efforts, financial and otherwise, are carefully guarded secrets for the most part.

Since becoming part of One Direction, Tomlinson has learned that in the information age, it is virtually impossible to keep a lid on personal issues. Louis has become used to having his footsteps dogged by paparazzi photographers, to having fans camped outside his hotel and to having the media rake over every aspect of his life in the hope of turning up a scandal.

Tomlinson has also learned that when some sections of the media do not have a real story, they will invent one. Tomlinson and his family have learned not to trust the media, but in an information hungry world, stories and rumors spread across the globe in minutes. Rumors get shared so often that they become accepted as fact, whether they have a basis in truth or not.

Sadly Tomlinson has also learned that there are few people in the world that you can truly trust. Ever since the Sun announced that Tomlinson was to become a father, Louis has been secretive about the whole matter. Tomlinson has been so secretive about his baby that he has not once uttered Briana Jungwirth’s name in public, and made only one short comment about fatherhood before little Freddie Tomlinson arrived.

Sadly for Tomlinson, his attempts to maintain confidentiality have come at great personal cost. Louis has been treated abominably by some sections of the media, as he has been portrayed as a drunk, a philanderer, and a deadbeat dad in recent months.

Tomlinson must shake his head and wonder if it is all worth the effort. Despite Louis’ attempts to stay quiet about the first One Direction baby pictures still leak to the internet. J-14 reports that Tomlinson’s mother, Johannah Deakin, has taken to Twitter to express her dismay at the fact that a picture of Freddie has leaked to the internet.

Sadly, it seems that Louis’ sister, Félicité Tomlinson, sent some photographs to her friend, and that so-called friend breached her trust by posting the pictures online. In the age of instant communications, once something has gone public, there is little that Louis or anyone else can do to stop it spreading.

It may be that Tomlinson has two further lessons to learn about the internet age. The first is that if Louis wants something to stay totally confidential, then the only person he can trust with the information is himself. Secondly, Tomlinson needs to learn that there is a very fine line to tread with regards to information. Whilst working in an information hungry domain, Louis needs to ensure that he provides enough information to satisfy the curious.

In the modern world, the tighter you try to hold things, the more determined people become to unearth the information. Louis Tomlinson is learning this to his cost.

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