Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Fly High Buddy,’ The Full Story Told For The First Time

One Direction fans have always known that Louis Tomlinson and his mother, Johannah Deakin, have huge hearts. Tomlinson has a passion for children’s charities, especially those that support children with very serious and life-threatening illnesses. Last summer, it was reported how Louis and Johannah hosted a Cinderella ball at London’s Natural History Museum. It was widely reported, including in the Mirror, that Louis donated some $3 million of his personal wealth to support the charity, Believe In Magic.

While Tomlinson is the patron of a number of charities, he is remarkably discreet about his personal involvement. The story of how deeply and directly Tomlinson gets involved has never been told. Until now.

Last week, the Inquisitr reported on how Tomlinson’s mother had posted a series of tweets talking about how Louis had left the gift of a microphone on a little boys bed. The little boy was named Harvey. Harvey and his twin brother, Spencer, were born with Down Syndrome and Harvey developed a very aggressive childhood cancer called neuroblastoma, which has a survival rate of just 20%. By the time Harvey was diagnosed, just before his fifth birthday, the cancer had already spread to his bones.

Louis Tomlinson Harvey hext
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Sadly, after fighting the disease with all he had, little Harvey was taken at the end of November last year. Louis marked Harvey’s passing by posting a picture of Harvey on Twitter with the message “fly high buddy.”

Harvey’s mother Sarah has been so angered and upset by the press coverage that Tomlinson has been subjected to that she agreed to tell the whole story of how Louis and Johannah have supported her family, both before and after Harvey’s passing, exclusively to Inquisitr.

Harvey and Spencer were born in July 2006, and were diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. The boys were as close and as mischievous as only twins can be, but big sister Olivia adored them and did everything she could to help her parents and the boys. It can’t have been easy, especially when they did things like having a paint fight when dad turned his back whilst decorating a bedroom. Poor Harvey ended up with a tin of paint on his head courtesy of his brother.

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Photo By Sarah Hext

Sarah first met Johannah in December 2014, when she represented Louis at a Believe In Magic party at London zoo; Louis was unable to attend as he was appearing on The X Factor that day. Louis had funded the event and was disappointed to miss it. Sarah explained that Johannah immediately connected with her boys.

“Jay came over and introduced herself and I think Harvey and Spencer stole her heart there and then. Only a twin mum can really understand the impact that losing one twin could have on a family and of course Jay having two sets of twins made her fully qualified to understand my fears.”

Shortly afterwards, Johannah contacted Sarah and Louis became increasingly involved in supporting her family. In August, Sarah and her whole family were invited to be Louis’ guests at the Cinderella ball. Louis arranged for the family to stay at London’s wonderful Langham Hotel. Louis had arranged for the boys to be fitted out in Ralph Lauren suits whilst Olivia was given a made to measure silk dress.

“The Ball was the stuff that fairy tales are made of. Louis had a car pick us up to take us to the venue. There were 100’s of 1D fans at the gates and as we walked up the red carpet Harvey turned to them, stopped and gave them a bow! Spencer turned to the crowd and shook his bottom! Everyone was cheering and clapping them, it was magical.”

Whilst the adults enjoyed a champagne reception, the children were allowed to play. The children all came to the main room by descending a marble staircase Cinderella style. Sarah says it was breathtaking. Louis and Liam Payne greeted every child and then spent the evening circulating and talking to them all. Louis and Liam were relaxed, chatting to everyone and enjoyed the evening as much as everyone else.

Louis Tomlinson Harvey Hext
Photo by Sarah Hext

Louis later arranged for the whole family to spend time at Disneyland Paris and Louis family joined them for the final days.

“Disney was Harvey’s favourite place.There were about 10 Believe in Magic family’s who went and the kids were given a suitcase each full of beautiful clothes, we stayed in The Pink Palace hotel which is just stunning, everything was taken care of.”

When One Direction played their London shows, Sarah, Harvey and the rest of the family were invited to attend as Louis’ guests. While travelling to London, Sarah sent Jay a clip of video of the boys singing “Best Song Ever” in the car. Louis was with Jay and by the time the family arrived at the stunning Kensington Hotel, Louis had arranged for a gift of microphones to be left on the boys beds whilst Olivia was treated to some special “girly gifts.”

“Louis’ PA called to tell us all the arrangements and Louis sent a car to take us to the show. We went backstage to meet Louis and the rest of the boys. Louis even arranged for us to have the “green room” if it all got too much for the boys. It didn’t, the boys loved it and Harvey spent the evening singing into his microphone.”

Sarah says that Louis is kind, caring, considerate and thoughtful. Louis’ younger twin sisters are also kind sweet girls, so “I think it runs in the family. Louis and his family are so kind because Jay has brought them up that way.”

“The day after the One Direction show, Louis even sent a car to take us all to a Believe In Magic party in Hamleys toy store. The whole weekend was ‘just magical’ we as a family would never have had access to this sort of treatment if it were not for Louis and Jay.”

Louis Tomlinson Harvey hext
Photo Sarah Hext

“When it became clear that Harvey didn’t have long left Jay came to visit us at home with Louis’ sisters Daisy and Phoebe. The girls played with Harvey and Spencer all day and Louis sent Olivia a beautiful Pandora bracelet along with a huge stack of toys for the boys.

As they left that day we discussed Louis arranging for a “winter wonderland” to be built in our garden for Harvey but sadly Harvey was taken before that could happen.”

Sarah and her family are so grateful to Louis Tomlinson and to his mother for allowing them to collect so many special memories by which to remember little Harvey. The support Louis and Jay offer continues even now. Louis has offered to treat the family to a holiday at Centre Parcs when they feel strong enough.

Louis Tomlinson Harvey hext
Photo Sarah Hext

“Louis and Jay have given us precious memories with Harvey and all of our children and that is priceless, we have so many beautiful photos of Harvey to look back on in some amazing places!

People don’t know the real Louis, Jay has told me that when Louis suffers a bad press day he says to her ‘come on mum, lets make someone happy today.’ That’s the kind of man Louis is. Louis Tomlinson is very grounded, he is family orientated and both louis and Jay hold a very special place in my family’s hearts.”

It seems hard to believe that a man so thoughtful and caring as Louis Tomlinson is painted so negatively by some sections of the media. If you needed proof that Tomlinson has a heart of gold, then here it is.

If you would like to support Harvey’s appeal page, money donated will pay for research into neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers.

Sarah and her family have also been supported by Ups And Downs,a charity that supports children with Down Syndrome.

[All Images Copyright Sarah Hext Used with permission]

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