Jared Leto Gives GQ More Ammo With His Odd Oscars Ensemble, Tells Viewers To Google the Word ‘Merkin’

Jared Leto probably won’t make GQ’s best dressed list any time soon. The Academy Award winning Dallas Buyer’s Club star walked the Oscars red carpet wearing an usual tuxedo, giving the men’s magazine even more ammunition for its previous declaration that Jared Leto is the worst dressed man in the world.

At the 88th annual awards ceremony, Leto defied the odds and contradicted host Chris Rock’s that the Oscars is always a generic sea of black tuxedos. While Rock joked about how the male movie stars all look alike on the red carpet, Jared definitely stood out with his tux, piped in red trim and a big red flower secured in the middle of his neck in lieu of a bow tie.


But hey, at least he didn’t look like all the other actors on the red carpet! Leto was previously named GQ’s worst dressed man in the world for his outside-the-box fashion sense, and it doesn’t look like this ensemble will help him lose that title any time soon.

In addition to his headline making tuxedo, Jared Leto dropped the word “merkin” while he was presenting the Oscar for best production design on Sunday night.

“Without the genius contributions of makeup artists and hair stylists, we wouldn’t lose ourselves in classic films like The Godfather, The Elephant Man, Raging Bull, Magic Mike 2. Think about it. But let’s be honest, they deserve an award just for putting up with us actors, not to mention the prosthetics: the wigs, the occasional merkin. if you happen to be laughing, please explain it to the person next to you, and if you aren’t, Google it.”

While Leto advised viewers to Google the word “merkin” if they didn’t know what it means, to save you a Google search, a merkin is a pubic wig that actors wear when they do nude scenes.


Between his tux and his merkin mention, Jared Leto made plenty of headlines at this year’s Oscars, despite the fact that he wasn’t even nominated for anything. Two years ago, Leto wore a more traditional tux when he won the Academy Award for Best supporting Actor for his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club. In an interview with E! News on the 2016 Oscars red carpet, Jared Leto recounted the speech he made at the 2014 ceremony, when he realized Hollywood’s biggest icons were all waiting to hear what he had to say. Leto admitted he was a bundle of nerves when he was called onstage to accept his award at the 2014 Oscars, but luckily there was a calming force nearby in the audience: Oprah!

“I think you’re happy when your brain works and you’re able to say anything at all. I remember when I won and I started my speech and I remember I was staring at Robert DeNiro. And I was like, ‘maybe I should move on to Oprah.’ “

While Jared Leto’s most recent awards show tux may be deemed a fashion faux pas by some, the woman he looked to to help calm his nerves two years ago was the victim of a serious 2016 Oscars fashion faux pas herself—and she wasn’t even there! In a bizarre mishap, Whoopi Goldberg was incorrectly identified as Oprah Winfrey on the red carpet, due to a way-off base tweet from a beauty website that gushed over the fact that they didn’t realize the OWN head honcho had a big tattoo on her chest. Total Beauty later took their erroneous tweet down, but not before it was re-shared a ton of times across the Twitterverse.


Take a look at the video of Jared Leto talking about his Oscars speech and his strange connection with Oprah.

[Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images]