Beyonce & Jay Z Divorce: Latest Rumors Reminiscent Of 2014 Summer Tour, When Couple Was Rumored To Be Splitting

Beyonce and Jay Z are reportedly headed for divorce after a series of fights and simmering tension between the music power couple — a common story for anyone who remembers the alleged (but unproven) turmoil of two years ago.

The couple has faced divorce rumors on and off for the past few years, but the latest reports claim they are closer than ever to splitting up. A source told Radar Online that the couple is “at each other’s throats” and that they can no longer keep the tension private.

This culminated in a blowout fight at their Bel Air rental estate, the report added.

“She was screaming at him at the top of her lungs,” the source said. “Beyonce told him that she just could not deal with it anymore!”


The fight was reportedly caused by a paternity battle Jay Z is facing from 22-year-old Rymir Sattherwaite, who claims that Jay Z fathered her child. There are also ongoing rumors that Jay Z has been having affairs, including with some of the younger singers he has taken under his wing over the course of his two plus decades in the music industry.

It’s gotten so bad that Jay Z and Beyonce are essentially living separate lives, the report claimed.

“Beyonce and Jay Z have been living in separate bedrooms in their house pretty much since they moved in,” the insider told Radar. “This recent fight seemed to be one of their worst!”


The Beyonce and Jay Z divorce rumors are reminiscent of the summer of 2014, when the couple was plagued by nearly ever-ending divorce rumors. It started in the spring of that year, when Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles got into a very public spat after the Met Gala in New York City. That led to rumors that Jay Z had been cheating on his wife, starting a cycle of new rumors seemingly every week.

The couple happened to go on tour together that summer, and at every stop it seemed there was a new story about fighting, jealousy, and infidelity supposedly tearing them apart. There were even rumors that Jay Z was cheating right under Beyonce’s nose.

“She’s heard all the rumors about Jay fooling around, and she can’t take it anymore. The romance is over,” In Touch magazine claimed. “He was toasting champagne with the crew and friends and some women who were brought back stage. Beyonce seethed when she saw a busty blonde nuzzling into Jay’s chest and him whispering something into her ear.”

There were even rumors that Beyonce called out Jay Z publicly at a concert when she changed the lyrics to the song “Resentment” in a way that took to be calling out Jay Z for being unfaithful.

The rumors claiming that Beyonce and Jay Z are headed for divorce are similar to those facing their friends, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Kim and Kanye have also faced seemingly endless divorce rumors, including a report just this week that Kim stopped wearing her wedding ring and was planning on kicking Kanye out of the house.

There is a common thread in both the Kim and Kanye split rumors and the divorce reports facing Beyonce and Jay Z. Both originate from unnamed sources and sometimes shadowy reports, and both have proven to be wrong in the past. Kim and Kanye have still been going strong despite months of rumors, and Jay Z and Beyonce followed up their 2014 divorce rumors by ending their tour together and then going on a romantic vacation to Italy, where they renewed their wedding vows.

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