Why Does Donald Trump Play Dumb When Asked About KKK Supporters?

Donald Trump was put on the spot by CNN anchor Jake Tapper. Upon receiving questions regarding white supremacist or KKK supporters, Trump decided to play dumb.

It’s no secret that many of Donald Trump’s supporters express their desire to “speak freely” about their views on race relations. Trump’s rallies tend to be racially intensive and religiously biased, regardless of signage, behavior, or intentions from Donald Trump opposition. It’s quite difficult to ignore, honestly.

However, from what Donald has told Tapper, he doesn’t know these groups of supporters. During the interview, Trump says, “I know nothing about white supremacists.” You can watch the Donald’s video interview below.


It’s an interesting interview, because nothing was ever answered. A lot of deflection happened, yes. Nevertheless, just to give Donald Trump “benefit of the doubt,” maybe he doesn’t know anything about white supremacists, as he mentioned. However, even if these Trump supportive groups weren’t labeled as such, their ideologies, alone, should ring a few bells in Donald’s mind, right?

And if that doesn’t cut it, maybe their actions could lend a little light onto the darkness shrouding Trump’s confused state. On several occasions, his rally supporters have picked full-on brawls with his campaign’s opposition. From Black Lives Matter activists to simple “say no to Trump” promoters, those rallies are a breeding ground for racial and societal tension.


Donald Trump’s influence almost along the lines of Hitler’s affect over the Germans during his reign. Just as Hitler “moved the people,” Donald Trump is aggregating masses into a certain collective demographic. Via social media, many call them “Trump Tards,” in an ironic, politically-incorrect connotation — since that’s what his supporters state as one of his strengths.


Interestingly enough, according to CNN, it states the following notation about Donald’s candidacy.

“Trump’s comments came two days before 12 states — largely Southern — vote on Super Tuesday. If he defeats Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in most or all of those states, Trump could become a near-lock for the Republican nomination.”

Honestly, these types of facts scare a lot of the American public — not because they’re afraid of white supremacists or Trump, himself. It brings alert to the state of this nation, just to know that there are so many people being sold on the idea of business tycoon Donald Trump as the man to “Make America Great Again.”

Supposedly, not even family cares to have him as this nation’s president. Apparently, a “Thomas P. Trump” left his obituary aimed at his alleged cousin, Donald. In the obituary, it reads that Donald has dragged the family’s name through the trenches so often that, as a dying wish, he’d rather help save the world from his cousin’s reign of potential tyranny.


However, Snopes did a little more research on the issue, and it turned out be fake. The source notes that it was just a photo cropped and pasted on a fake letterhead. Yet, it doesn’t mean those words of warning should fall on deaf ears.

Nonetheless, there was a man who really did address Trump on his obituary. According to Time and Legacy, Jeffrey H. Cohen expressed his condolences for American soil, if Donald were to be elected.

Really, what political stance would this country take if such a thing would happen? Neither Democrats nor Republicans want anything to do with him, as far as politicians are concerned. However, as concerns a certain “supportive,” Republican American niché, obviously, that’s a different story altogether.

Overall, to watch and allow the calamity that ensues at Trump’s rallies — then have the audacity to say “I don’t know these people,” in so many words — shows a glimpse of what could come as effects from his potential presidential term.

What’s your stance on the issue? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

[Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images News]