Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Could Be On ‘Fuller House’ Season 2, Creator Bummed They Missed Season 1

If you are watching Fuller House on Netflix, then you have noticed that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson are missing. They didn’t replace Michelle Tanner and she doesn’t show up at all. The fact that the Olsen twins aren’t there has made everyone wonder if the show would be the same, but Fuller House is winning viewers over. Us Weekly shared that the creator of the show, Jeff Franklin, is speaking out and says that Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen being gone was a bummer for sure. Fans would have loved to see them show up in at least one episode.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the only ones of the original cast members who did not want to return to the show. Michelle Tanner is talked about, but she never shows up. Now Jeff Franklin is sharing his thoughts.

“That was a giant bummer, but their participation was never a precondition for doing that show. I hoped that they would come back and do one episode, but I didn’t think that they were going to be regulars.”

Bob Saget made a small comment about the Olsen twins in the first episode, where he said that Michelle was off in New York being a fashion designer. This wasn’t meant to be a dig at the Olsen twins at all though, and was just all in fun.


At this time, Fuller House has not been officially renewed for season 2, but there is a lot of talk about it coming back. If this happens, it would be easy for them to check with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and see if they could fit them in for at least one episode. Jeff Franklin did already share that he is expecting a second season of the show. When talking about it, Franklin said that the door is still open for the Olsen twins to come back if they would like to do that if the show is renewed. Everyone is very hopeful that season 2 will end up happening.