Puppy Cries After Waking From Anesthesia, Then This Happens [Video]

Meesha the puppy underwent a procedure at BARCS Animal Shelter. There, she had been given anesthesia medication. Well, the most touching moment came after her cries began.

This puppy video was uploaded by the animal shelter via its Facebook page. According to the source, the puppy’s name was Meesha at the time of the recording. Not to worry, she didn’t die.

On February 24, this puppy dog underwent a spay procedure — or ovariohysterectomy — at the shelter. The source notes that, when the puppy began to awaken, it was frightened by its environment. While still a little groggy and loopy, Meesha the puppy had a lot of action going on around her. Also, according to the shelter, her body felt weird from the surgery and anesthesia medicine. Seemingly, it was all too much for the puppy to handle. Thus, the puppy’s cries began uncontrollably.

However, what happened next distinguished BARCS Surgical Assistant Dennis Moses as the puppy’s best friend. Instead of allowing Meesha to bear the shocking activity around her, he took her away from all the commotion and into a quieter hallway. While Moses was comforting the puppy, one of the shelter volunteers passed through the area. The moment was so tender, the volunteer had to record video.

You can watch the puppy video in the Facebook post below. As the animal shelter mentions, “Turn on the sound, it will melt your heart!”

The source updated the public with puppy Meesha’s status. After the recovery, she was adopted by her new family — Andy Isbell and Amy Campbell, and kids — and was renamed Maddie. From the shelter’s page, Andy mentioned that the puppy is receiving tons of love at her new home and is adjusting well. He, personally, thanked Dennis Moses with an update.

“Dennis Moses, thank you and everyone at BARCS.. Maddie is doing very well, getting comfortable here in her new home, and loves to snuggle with all of us.”

Moses replied, “Thank you so much for giving her a new home and a nice big bed. Sending hugs.”

Likewise, the puppy’s owner uploaded new pics of Maddie via his own page, as can be seen below. They call the puppy their “Little Rockstar.”

Apparently, there are no more cries from this little one. Puppy Maddie is part of the family now, and Andy defends her like she’s one of his own kids. One commentator mentioned that Maddie needed “to grow into those ears,” insinuating that the puppy’s ears are too big for her body. To this, Maddie’s owner posted an angry emoji along with the captions, “Watch your mouth!”

Most of all, several comments have been pouring in over the puppy’s cries and comforts. From BARCS’s page alone, the video has received approximately 3.8 million views, 125,000 likes and reactions, 46,000 shares, and 8,500 comments. And with every passing second, the number of puppy lovers increase with each view of this tender moment.

This animal shelter is located at 301 Stockholm Street, Baltimore, Maryland. According to the organization’s Facebook page, it was founded in 2005. Also, just to note, the shelter isn’t just a place for puppies. “BARCS” is an acronym for Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc. The organization states that it “accepts and cares for all animals in need and promotes responsible pet ownership for a more humane community in Baltimore City.”

The source also mentions that the shelter takes in approximately 12,000 animals, annually, and they need the public’s help. There’s a section on the shelter’s Facebook page which allows people to donate to the animal cause. You can make monetary, as well as necessity donations. There’s even a list that tells the public what the shelter needs for dogs, cats, animal care supplies, office supplies, etc.

All in all, this shelter has made it possible for Maddie the puppy to have a safe and loving home. What’s your stance on BARCS? Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments, and share this article with other puppy lovers.

[Image via Shutterstock]