Louis Tomlinson: First Salvos Fired In One Direction Baby Battle

Louis Tomlinson is arguably one of the most generous men in pop music. Tomlinson has donated huge amounts of his own money to children’s charities, and he is a patron of a number of U.K. charities. It isn’t just the big stuff that matters to Tomlinson however. Last month it was exclusively revealed in Inquisitr how kind 24-year-old Louis had been to children who touched his heart. Sarah Hext, the mother of nine-year-old Harvey, revealed the numerous acts of kindness that Tomlinson and his family had shown to her family.

You may remember Louis sharing a picture of little Harvey on his Twitter feed after he lost his five-year battle with neuroblastoma. Sarah Hext described Louis as kind, generous and family orientated.

“People don’t know the real Louis, Jay has told me that when Louis suffers a bad press day he says to her ‘come on mum, let’s make someone happy today.’ That’s the kind of man Louis is. Louis Tomlinson is very grounded, he is family orientated and both Louis and Jay hold a very special place in my family’s hearts.”

Tomlinson comes from a large and loving family, and it is clear that he adores children. That is why many of Louis’ fans will find it impossible to believe that Tomlinson is anything less than extremely generous when it comes to supporting his own child.

It has been widely reported that Tomlinson has rented a home for Briana Jungwirth and Freddie Tomlinson, who was born last month. He is also believed to be paying Briana around $15,000 a month in child support, that adds up to a staggering $3.25 million over the first 18-years of Freddies life.

It seems that Briana and her family do not believe that Tomlinson is being anywhere near generous enough. It was widely reported in the weeks leading up to baby Tomlinson’s birth that Briana’s family thought they could take Louis for around $60,000 a month or almost $13 million over 18-years. Tomlinson is a generous man, but even he is sure to balk at those kinds of numbers as the price of what was essentially a one-night-stand.

According to the Sun, Louis has been pulling out all the stops to make Freddie his priority with what he sees as generous child support and buying her a three-bedroom house in the affluent Calabasas neighborhood in California.

But Briana and her family have demanded more money from Louis. As a result Briana reportedly held Louis to ransom by refusing to allow him to see his son unless he met their demands. As a result Tomlinson has had to call in the lawyers and it seems that a temporary arrangement has been reached.

According to Metro, Louis can get access to his son for several hours a day, though he is banned from being with him overnight. Sadly, it would seem that the first months of Tomlinson’s fatherhood will be marred by an ugly fight with a grasping family over money. A friend of Tomlinson’s revealed how upset Louis is over the whole debacle.

“This is really upsetting for Louis. He is fighting as hard as he can to see his baby. He brought in lawyers straight away and will not give up until he has shared custody of Freddie.”

“Louis thinks Briana is jealous that he started a new relationship while she was pregnant and that this is her way of getting back at him. It’s disgusting. Freddie is his child too. He has done everything he can for Briana and her family up until now and is excited about being a dad.”

Many of Tomlinson’s fans have been confused about why Louis refused to talk about Briana or her pregnancy. Louis has never mentioned her name in public, not even when he took to social media to announce the birth of his son. Jungwirth dropped out of sight as soon as it was revealed that she was carrying Louis child. Over the course of the last nine-months or so, Tomlinson’s fans have pointed out so many things that simply do not add up with regard to Jungwirth.

It seems that we may now be seeing the reason that Louis remained tight-lipped. Many of Tomlinson’s fans will shake their heads wondering why $3 million and a house is not seen as enough to raise Louis’ child. Many will come to the conclusion that Jungwirth and her family see Tomlinson as a meal ticket, and are determined to screw every penny they can out of Louis.

If Louis anticipated these issues, you can begin to understand why he has kept quiet. Tomlinson’s fans will be wondering why on earth he did not demand that paternity test.

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