‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion: Lala Kent And Brittany Cartwright New Additions, Jax Taylor And James Kennedy ‘Went At It’

Andy Cohen has spoken out about how the Vanderpump Rules season 4 reunion show filming, which took place last Friday, went. As reported by The Daily Dish, Andy revealed that there was a surprising moment between two cast members that viewers likely won’t see coming. Andy also talked about a fight between Jax Taylor and James Kennedy, the addition of Lala Kent and Brittany Cartwright to the reunion show, and the return of Stassi Schroeder.

Andy said that viewers will see “a really surprising moment” between Scheana Marie’s husband, Mike Shay, and SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump.

“There’s a really surprising moment between Shay and Lisa Vanderpump. I know, yes.”

What could Mike and Lisa have talked about that caused the “surprising moment?” Perhaps Lisa had a heart-to-heart with Mike about his addiction issues and how it affected Scheana.

On season 4’s first few episodes, Scheana tearfully talked about Mike’s addiction to pills and alcohol. In one scene, Scheana told Lisa that months after their wedding, a wedding that Lisa attended, Mike started abusing pills and alcohol. Lisa counseled Scheana that Mike needs professional help. When Scheana replied that it wasn’t so serious that Mike needed to go to rehab, Lisa expressed worry that Scheana was ignoring and minimizing the problem. Perhaps Lisa felt that Mike and Scheana still hadn’t properly confronted the issue. Or perhaps Mike apologized to Lisa for the hurt that he put Scheana, with whom Lisa has a close relationship with, through.

After filming the reunion, Scheana Marie posted a photo of herself snuggling up to Mike Shay. She wrote that she loves him and is proud of what he has accomplished over the past year. She also wrote that she can’t wait for people to see the reunion show, which hints to host Andy’s “surprising moment” comment regarding Mike.

Andy Cohen also revealed that all of the cast members had their fighting moments at the reunion. In particular, Jax Taylor and James Kennedy “went at it” with one another.

“James and Jax went at it. I mean they all kind of went at it.”

Jax and James have verbally sparred with one another all season long so the fact that they had a heated moment with one another on the reunion show isn’t likely surprising to any Vanderpump Rules viewers. Not only did they not get along while filming season 4, but James also actually claimed that Jax had a sexually transmitted disease during his appearance on Watch What Happens Live in mid-December. As the Inquisitr reported, Jax replied to James’ claim by stating that he was just trying to be relevant.

Prior to filming the reunion, James predicted that it’ll be an interesting day.


After finishing the reunion, James seemed to liken the other cast members to members of a cult. He confessed that he needed a break after the reunion.


As the reunion filmed, Jax posted a photo of him with Andy and another of him with Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd.


In an interview with The Daily Dish, posted on Wednesday, Jax said that the season 4 reunion show was actually easier for him than the previous seasons’ reunions. Yet he also admitted that he and James had a confrontation towards the end.

“This season was actually good for me. I usually get drilled hard at these reunions. Like, they come at me hard and this season wasn’t too bad. I talked a little bit, but I didn’t really talk a lot until the very end and it was between me and James and then there was confrontation there. But I really didn’t get involved that much this year. It wasn’t a lot of bashing on me like there usually was. So it was OK.”

Jax Taylor and James Kennedy apparently left the reunion still on bad terms. On Thursday, in response to a viewer who pointed out that Jax and James are standing close to one another in a recent group photo, Jax said that he wasn’t near James by choice. Jax added that James knows to keep his distance from him.


Andy also confirmed that new cast members Lala Kent and Brittany Cartwright were a part of the reunion show. Returning cast member Stassi Schroeder also played a part in the reunion. “It’s interesting to see Brittany with the group. It’s interesting to see Stassi with the group,” Andy said of Jax’s girlfriend and his ex.

Andy also found Lala so interesting at the reunion that he invited her, without James, to appear on Watch What Happens Live a second time, which she did on Wednesday night. As the Inquisitr reported, Andy explained that he decided to invite Lala back to the Bravo clubhouse, despite publicly proclaiming that he was never inviting her and James back, after speaking to her at the reunion show.

In an interview with The Real Mr. Housewife, posted on Friday, James Kennedy admitted that he was confused why Lala Kent was given a second chance and he wasn’t. Yet he added that he was proud of her appearance and that they’re actually close friends.

“When I first heard about Lala getting on Watch What Happens Live, I must say I was a little confused as to why she was invited back and I wasn’t. I thought she was given another chance and I wasn’t and that made me feel very uncomfortable and on edge about the whole situation. However after I saw how great she looked and after how great she made her comeback from the last time I was very proud and happy for her. Lala and I are close friends that definitely have a soft spot for one another regardless of what was said this past season.”

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]