After Drone Footage Of Area 51 Emerges UFO Hunters Say Facility Is Only A Decoy, Dulce Underground Reptilian And Grey Alien Base Is The 'Real Area 51'

JohnThomas Didymus

A UFO enthusiast, Han Faulkner, claimed recently to have flown a drone over the top-secret Area 51 air base -- probably the most restricted air space in the world -- in Nevada. Drone footage showing several sections of the facility uploaded to YouTube has gone viral, with UFO enthusiasts from around the world scrutinizing the footage for evidence of alleged UFO-related activity at the facility. But the feat rekindled an old debate in the UFO community.

Some members of the UFO and alien community believe that Area 51 no longer functions as a government-alien secret base, having been replaced since the 1970s by other secret bases such as the Dulce underground facility in New Mexico. UFO and alien conspiracy theorists who subscribe to this view claim that the Area 51 is being maintained by government only as a decoy to distract attention from the "real Area 51s" located across the country.

Faulkner was able to capture rare footage of the secret base using a drone launched from Tikaboo Peak, about 26 miles away from the facility. The Tikaboo Peak is reportedly the closest that visitors are allowed to approach the facility guarded by personnel allegedly authorized to use deadly force against trespassers.

But while applauding the enthusiast for the rare footage, some UFO researchers said they were not surprised that the footage shows no obvious evidence of alleged alien and UFO presence at the Area 51 facility, located in the Nevada desert, about 83 miles north of Las Vegas. Many UFO researchers claim that Area 51 has ceased to function as a top-secret base for alien and UFO-related black projects since the 1970s, and that the government has established new clandestine underground bases in other locations within the U.S.

Many UFO researchers believe that the authorities continued to affect secrecy about Area 51 after publicly acknowledging its existence for the first time in 2013, only as part of a strategy to keep UFO researchers focused on the site and thus divert their attention from the real top-secret bases in other parts of the country.

Conspiracy theorists argue that the decision to publicly acknowledge the existence of Area 51 in 2013 was part of a strategy to generate a smokescreen that obscures the "real area 51s" out there.

"I definitely see how this could be possible," another said. "It would make sense to largely publicize one area so everyone focuses on that one area... if the government has secret bases where they conduct activity they want hidden, which they most likely do. They would not continue operations at a place as famous as area 51."

Following the recent discovery of an alleged entrance to a top-secret underground UFO and alien base at the Kangtega peak of the Nepal Himalayas in an area blacked out in Google Maps, UFO blogger Scott Waring remarked that alien and UFO enthusiasts whose research work on secret joint government-alien facilities is still focused on Area 51 in the Nevada desert have been left behind because since the 1970s the U.S. government has built a decentralized network of government-alien research bases that have taken over from the old Area 51.

Expressing skepticism about the decoy theory, a skeptic said, "It'd be an awful waste of both men and money to have the equivalent of a scarecrow sitting in the desert."

The typical bizarre claims about the Dulce underground base were first made in 1979 by an Albuquerque businessman Paul Bennewitz, who announced that he had intercepted electronic communications between alien spacecrafts in orbit and a facility located somewhere underground in the U.S. He finally announced that he had traced the signals to an underground facility near Dulce.

His claims were backed by Phil Schneider, a former government scientist, who claimed he had been involved in the construction of a seven-level facility extending about two miles underground. The underground facility, according to Schneider, houses thousands of captive human, Grey, and Reptilian aliens, and government research laboratories. The captive aliens were provided by the alien partners of the U.S. government for genetic research work, while the captive humans were kidnapped by the government.

He claimed that an accident at the base led to a firefight between U.S. agents and grey alien captives, during which 66 U.S. Delta Force personnel were killed.

Claims have also been made concerning underground facilities in the Himalayas and the Antarctica. But there are conflicting accounts within the UFO community about who actually operates these alleged bases.

[Image via Doc Searls/Wikimedia Commons]