Taylor Swift Sees Big Twitter Boost During The 2016 Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift was always expected to win big at this year's Grammy Awards, and we feel that it's more than fair to say she did. However, awards aside, the show was also big news for the star's social media standing. According to Billboard, the 58th Grammy Awards drastically increased Swift's position on their social media standing awards.

That's a lot of awareness for Swift, who is currently on a pretty clear path to complete domination of the pop music industry.

Currently sitting at number one on Billboard's best music video chart is Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood," which, of course, features Kendrick Lamar. The social success of the music video is largely considered to be down to the fact that it did, of course, win best music video honors at the awards, which was actually only one of the star's three successes. "Bad Blood" returning to the chart gives it a third week on the top spot and is currently competing with Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" for the longest holding of the top spot.

Taylor Swift's social media presence as a whole was given a sharp boost during the 2016 Grammy Awards, with one post in particular gaining a large amount of attention. That post was a video from the pre-show, which featured Selena Gomez and Swift in a hotel room celebrating the awards. That particular video received more than 160,000 favorites and 85,000 retweets. That's an incredibly big boost for the star's social media presence.

The boost signals great news for Taylor Swift, who's largely believed to soon announce details about her next album. She's currently in the process of releasing a steady stream of music videos from her most recent album, 1989. Either way, there's plenty going on in the world of Taylor Swift for fans to be excited about.

The event didn't just signal good news for Taylor Swift in terms of Billboard's social media standings, though. It also saw a number of other stars make the debut on the chart, including Kendrick Lamar with his most recent hit "Alright". Quite predictably, Adele also caused a fairly large amount of excitement during this year's Brit awards. Her video has made a debut at No. 16 but is expected to rise considerably. Excitement is high around the British star right now following her most recent album release, and that excitement is only set to grow.

For the first time in Grammy history, social media standing has undeniably become a huge part of the show. That's largely down to the fact that more and more viewers are now turning to social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, to provide their views of the event while the show unfolds. Taylor Swift is one star who clearly understands this, sharing pictures and videos of the event with her fans as they happen. Some stars struggle to adapt to a new age of digital entertainment, but Taylor Swift clearly isn't one of those stars.

Taylor Swift Performed on 58th Grammy Awards
Taylor Swift Performed on 58th Grammy Awards [Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

Billboard uses Twitter to gauge information from music lovers around what tracks they love at the moment and has used recent tweets during the 58th Grammy Awards to create the most recent standings on their charts. While Taylor Swift and the other stars that we've mentioned in this article don't exactly need the chart as a gauge of their success, it'll surely be good news for the biggest pop star on the planet.

If anyone is doing social media right, we'd definitely say it's Taylor Swift.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]