February 24, 2016
Ali Fedotowsky Says Ben Higgins' Girls Can't Be In Love Yet

Ali Fedotowsky has her fair experience on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Ali is now speaking out about Ben Higgins' girls and says that these girls just can't be in love with him yet. Us Magazine shared that news that Ali is sharing that Ben's final three girls may be saying they love him, but they aren't really ready for those kinds of words yet. Ali went to her blog and now wants the final three girls to know to be cautious about what they say to Ben. The thing is, this all filmed months ago, but maybe people who will be on the show in the future will listen to Ali's advice.

Here is what Ali Fedotowsky shared about it all. She wants the world to know her thoughts.
"You guys probably noticed this episode that the girls had a really hard time telling Ben 'I love you.' They just couldn't get the words out. The reason these girls can't tell him 'I love you' is because they aren't really in love yet. Can I be 100 percent certain they aren't in love? Well no, of course not."
Ali Fedotowsky is now sharing that she has talked to other people who were on the show in the past. They all seem to agree on one thing. They thought that they were in love while on the show, but after realized that they were not in love just yet. Ali says that they were in lust at the time and even the couples that got married agree. They fell in love later on, but not during the show.

Even though some people might not have loved JoJo Fletcher's brother, Ali thought that he put it perfect. He said "They've only been in two 1-on-1 dates at this point - can you really know someone at that point?" Ali says that the feelings are real during the show, but it isn't love until you get out in the real world and really get to know each other better. Ali made it pretty obvious that since Ben Higgins broke down in tears talking to Lauren Bushnell's family, she thinks that this is who he will pick in the end.

People shared that Ali Fedotowsky is pregnant with her first child now with her fiance Kevin. Ali shared that they do know the sex of the baby, but they just aren't ready to share it with their fans yet. Ali says she has been a bit crazy during pregnancy and changing things up. Ali Fedotowsky doesn't drink any coffee or alcohol and she also changed her makeup and lotion for what is best. She wants to do what is best for her baby and there is nothing wrong with her doing that at all.

Ali Fedotowsky also shared that they made the decision on their own to have a baby before marriage. It wasn't an accident, but simply what Ali and Kevin wanted and they are totally happy with it. The couple is really excited for their baby. Even though Ali didn't find love on the show, it turns out that she did find love and everything is working out great for her in the end.

Do you agree with Ali Fedotowsky that these final three girls are not in love with Ben Higgins just yet? Who do you think that Ben will pick in the end? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don't miss new episodes of The Bachelor on Monday nights with Ben Higgins on ABC.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Yellow Tail]