‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Daryl Dixon Calls Negan’s Bluff, Jesus’ Hilltop Colony Shows Maggie, Glenn Their Baby

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 are starting to shamble out like the undead. Some TWD fans are concerned about Daryl Dixon’s life, since he seems to be setting himself up for Negan’s batting practice, and in the future episode this Sunday, Daryl apparently calls out Negan as a “bluffer.” While the potential death of a major character is the building backdrop, Maggie and Glenn Rhee are able to celebrate life since Jesus’ Hilltop Colony lets them see their baby.

[Warning: The following article does contain references to potential major spoilers]

In Rob Kirkman’s graphic novels, issue 91 of The Walking Dead introduced a TWD character named Paul Monroe, but he is more commonly known by the nickname Jesus due to his physical appearance. Mr. Monroe had his last name changed to Rovia to avoid confusion with Deanna, but TV show watchers are given many reasons to distrust Paul Rovia from the start.

Not only did Jesus try to take the wheel by stealing Rick and Daryl’s vehicle, they had a Benny Hill moment involving a chase scene. This introduction to Jesus was notably different from the graphic novels, although the overall plot is still the same. In short, Rovia functions as a plot device which allows Rick and crew to meet Gregory and the Hilltop Colony.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, and Tom Payne as Paul "Jesus" Monroe - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 10
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The latest The Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers comes thanks to the good folks at The Spoiling Dead Fans. Their TWD episode synopses are almost always right on the money, so it’s very likely this is what you will see on TV this Sunday.

Jesus initiates a journey by suggesting the Hilltop Colony could trade with Alexandria. Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, and Abraham take Paul Rovia along for the ride, but on their way they run into an overturned car Jesus claims belongs to Hilltop. Rick’s group suspects a trap, but they manage to save four people, including a doctor who turns out to be a gynecologist.

When the group meets Hilltop’s Gregory, diplomatic relations definitely have a rough start. Rick becomes frustrated and allows Maggie to take the lead with diplomacy, but Gregory still won’t trade food for guns, ammo, and medicine from Alexandria’s armory. Gregory is condescending, despite the fact that Hilltop’s defenders are armed with spears since their guns have no bullets.

The next major scene is when Daryl Dixon’s death wish steps in. When another Hilltop group arrives, it turns out many of their number was killed by Negan, and they were ordered by The Saviors to give Gregory a message. This “message” turns out to be an assassination attempt on Gregory’s life, but Rick kills the attacker, although Abraham is almost choked to death.

Jesus explains who The Saviors are, and how the violent group have been extorting local survivor groups in exchange for “safety.” In response, Daryl claims that Negan’s men seemed fairly easy to kill with a rocket launcher, and calls Negan a “bluffer.” Daryl proclaims that Alexandria should have no problem taking care of Negan and The Saviors. Maggie also begins to establish herself as the future leader of Hilltop Colony (as is the case with the graphic novels), since she negotiates a deal with Gregory to kill The Saviors in return for half of Hilltop’s resources.

With Maggie pregnant, the group also makes one more demand of Gregory. She demands that she be allowed to use Hilltop Colony’s ultrasound machine, although Glenn did not seem exactly thrilled earlier in the episode that the gynecologist would be examining his wife. The episode ends with the group looking at ultrasound photos of Glenn and Maggie’s baby.

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The question is whether the showrunners are setting up Daryl Dixon to be in Negan’s headlights. The Walking Dead Season 6 finale is predicted to feature the death of a major character, perhaps even two, and it does seem like Norman Reedus fans are being set up to have a heart attack. Based upon prior Walking Dead spoilers, Episode 15 of Season 6 will have Daryl Dixon “dying” on screen. Similar to how Glenn’s “death” scene caused fans to freak out, all TV watchers will know is that Negan’s man, Dwight, shoots Daryl directly in the back. A leaked video also seems to indicate that Glenn may not be the target of Negan’s wrath, as with graphic novels, but would the showrunners really risk a riot by killing Daryl off?

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