Steve Wozniak Travels With 50 Pounds Worth Of Electronics

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, Inc. is way geekier than you are. Need proof? The Apple brainchild travels with a 50-pound backpack that is crammed full of his favorite and often unique pieces of electronics.

While most of the gadgets can be procured by anyone Wozniak also carries at least one gaming system that you will be hard pressed to find at a friend’s house.

As we would expect Wozniak carriers with him a Macbook Pro but he definitely doesn’t stop there.

The most surprising part of his backpack haul? Perhaps his non-electronics items which he uses as a backup.

Gizmodo was invited to take a rare peek inside the mind…or rather the backpack of Steve Wozniak and this is what they found:

  • an iPad
  • portable keyboard
  • multiple smartphones
  • multiple Gameboy Lights (a type of Gameboy never sold in the US)
  • iPod nano
  • plenty of batteries and battery rechargers
  • plenty of USB cables (retractable, of course)
  • a firewire hard drive
  • pencils for games on flights
  • pens for signing autographs
  • earplugs, adapters, and much more

When travelling through airport security his haul takes up seven airport security bins!

According to Woz:

“Nothing in my backpack goes unused, although the bluetooth mouse is close.”

Steve Wozniak has also been known to carry around an Amazon Kindle and we can’t forget the several iPhones he tends to carry on his person at all times or his Google Android based smartphones, devices he typically tests as they reach the open market in order to compare them against the Apple iPhone series.