Michael Jackson’s Mother, Katherine Jackson Is Missing

Katherine Jackson was reported missing by family members late Saturday evening. Michael Jackson’s heirs have reportedly been embroiled in a heated estate dispute with the executors of his will in previous weeks. A nephew Trent Jackson, filed a missing person’s report with Los Angeles law enforcement officers after Katherine Jackson’s grandchildren also noted being unable to reach her for more than a week, TMZ reports.

Earlier this week as concerns over Katherine Jackson’s whereabouts were raised, son Jermaine Jackson tweeted his mother was with him in Arizona, “resting up on doctor’s orders.” In contrast with Jermaine Jackson’s twitter post, Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, tweeted to confirm that her grandmother was indeed missing. She implored the public to alert the authorities if they saw Katherine Jackson. Paris Jackson also tweeted her concerns over the medical care Katherine Jackson was receiving.

CNN interview excerpts republished by Fox News report that Katherine Jackson’s attorney Sandra Ribera note the elderly woman has never gone more than a day without speaking to her grandchildren. As previously reported on Inquisitr, the Jackson family has been feuding with the executors of Michael Jackson’s will. Jermaine, Janet, Randy and Tito are calling for Michael Jackson’s executors to “resign from their positions.”

Michael Jackson’s siblings claim the executors of his estate “forged” Michael’s signature on the will which allegedly esssentially cuts them out of his estate, The New York Daily News reports. Katherine flew to Albuquerque with oldest daughter Rebbie for a Jackson Brothers concert on July 15.

Everytime Paris tried to reach Katherine Jackson by phone after the flight, she was allegedly told “she could not speak to her,” according to statements by Ribera republished by the New York Daily News.

the same doctor that testified on behalf of dr murray saying my father was a drug addict (a lie) is caring for my grandmother… just saying

— Paris Jacksoη (@ParisJackson) July 22, 2012

A letter “leaked” onto the Internet allegedly penned by Janet Jackson and her brothers Jermaine, Randy and Tito claim that executors John McClain and John Branca have “taken advantage of the family” and stressed out mother Katherine Jackson out to the degree that she suffered a “mini-stroke,” according to TMZ.


Paris, 14, and her uncle Randy Jackson were battling publicly over the execution of Michael’s will before Katherine Jackson went missing. Paris Jackson tweeted her opinion of her grandmother Katherine Jackson’s health. The teen maintains the “rumor” about a stress-induced min-stroke is false and her grandmother was completely fine.


Michael Jackson’s daughter also tweeted a message directly to Randy Jackson sharing how much she did not appreciated him telling people things that are not true, in her opinion. TMZ also reports the tweets have now been removed from Paris’ account. LAPD is now actively searching for Katherine Jackson and attempting to confirm the last time each of her family members have spoken with the Jackson matriarch.