‘LHHNY’ Sneak Peek: Mendeecees Harris Gathers All His Baby Mamas Before Heading To Prison – Will Yandy Smith Get On Board With Other Women?

Fans of Love & Hip Hop already know that Mendeecees Harris checked into prison back in January. Before Mendeecees turned himself in, the reality TV star did the unthinkable. Harris gathered up all his ba, VH1 filmed the get together with Mendeecees and all his baby mamas plus two of their moms for the next episode of LHHNY and shared a sneak peek of what to expect with fans and it looks like things will get pretty intense. Is Yandy Smith going to get on board with her husband’s plan to make sure all his kids visit him in prison?

In January, Mendeecees turned himself in and began serving an 8-year prison sentence. In reality, Harris should be released in just over six years as long as he behaves because of time already served. Mendeecees still didn’t want to miss out on his kids growing up and wanted them all to know that he still loves them. Mendeecees said, “The most important thing to me is that I have access to all my children.” That’s why he says that he gathered all four of the women who have mothered his children as well as his own mom in order to talk about his plan to have the kids come to visit.

According to VH1, Mendeecees’ current wife Yandy is totally on board with the plan to bring the kids for prison visits. Apparently his ex, Erika, is also considering the plan as well. Samantha was having second thoughts about making sure all the kids get to see their dad. It was her mom Kim that started arguing with Mendecees’ mom Judy about the whole plan. From the looks of it in the sneak peek, Judy almost comes to blows with Samantha’s mom Kim. Maybe the reality star turned rapper should have tried to hold a meeting with just his former partners and his wife and left the older women out of it.

Mendeecees has been keeping up with more than just his kids since his incarceration. Harris turned over the reigns to his Instagram account and has been relaying messages back and forth with his fans. Just days ago, Mendeecees (or whoever has taken over for him) tweeted out a message letting everyone know that his new record is ready and up for sale on iTunes. The LHHNY star wrote, “Tell them my new record is on iTunes and its (fire emoji) Thanks @mr_camron for putting it up and @therealkiss for getting on the track.”

On February 11, Mendeecees had a picture of himself with both of his youngest kids posted to the Gram. That one was captioned, “Tell them I love them and I miss them.” It seems Harris is using social media to keep in touch with his kids while he’s away too. Mendeecees has also kept fans up to speed via Instagram on his recent Vibe interview. Most recently, he’s been hawking signature sneakers on Instagram. One of the shoe pics was captioned, “After months of planning and working finally my sneakers are ready for purchase!” I’m not here but my sneakers are! My team is ready and filling orders.” The most recent sneaker photo claims that the response has been so overwhelming that it “shut the site down.”

It seems like Mendeecees planned out his prison sentence well and has multiple streams of income still coming in to support the children he has with three different women. Now that he’s been incarcerated for over a full month, we’re seeing that Mendeecees careful planning just might have paid off. Tune in to VH1 on Monday at 8/7 p.m. to see the drama play out with Mendeecees, Yandy and the rest of the mothers.

Tune in to VH1 on Monday at 8/7 p.m. to see the drama play out with Mendeecees, Yandy and the rest of the mothers.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]