'The Bachelorette' Spoilers And Speculation: Reality Steve Details Latest Scoop Leading Up To The 2016 Season

The final rose ceremony for ABC's The Bachelor 2016 season is just a few weeks away, and this means that buzz about the spring Bachelorette season is kicking into gear. Though ABC will not be announcing their decision for a bit yet, Reality Steve's spoilers are breaking down what is known so far about how the decision regarding the lead is shaping up. Will it be JoJo Fletcher, Amanda Stanton, Caila Quinn, Becca Tilley, or someone else?

Now that Amanda Stanton has been eliminated, many Bachelor fans are buzzing about the possibility she could become the Bachelorette 2016 lead. A fair number of viewers are talking about how she reminds them a bit of Emily Maynard, but not everybody is rooting for this newly-eliminated bachelorette to get her own season.

Reality Steve's spoilers have indicated that there are discussions behind-the-scenes with multiple ladies at this point, seemingly with a strong focus on either Caila Quinn or JoJo Fletcher. As he points out, however, at this stage of the game there are talks with many possible candidates. Steve has detailed numerous times how he sees it as improbable that the show will go with lately dumped at the final rose ceremony, given the timing of filming and the official announcement of the lead. There is a lot of buzz, however, that this may be the season where a shake-up is warranted.

It seems that Bachelorette fans are buzzing online about rumors tied to a variety of ladies, but Steve's tidbits detail that every season there are discussions with a full array of possible leads. In addition, he notes that there have been seasons in the past where a contract was even put into place, but the show changed course and featured someone different.

Interestingly, Steve's Bachelorette spoilers indicate that in past seasons, Becca Tilley, Arie Luyendyk Jr., and Nick Viall all were in the process of becoming the lead after their respective seasons. Of course, fans know that ultimately Kaitlyn Bristowe, Sean Lowe, and Ben Higgins all nabbed the gigs in those seasons.

It sounds as if there is chatter about Becca as a possibility once again, despite the fact that she was eliminated in fifth place in Higgins' season. While there is some Bachelor fan support for seeing Tilley in the lead, she's definitely not a lock. In addition, some may point out that in each of these recent situations noted by Steve, it is the third-place contestant who ultimately was handing out roses.

That third-place spot has definitely become the hot spot for becoming the next lead, as Ashley Hebert and Andi Dorfman are other recent examples of contestants who went from third place to lead. Given all the history of the past seasons and the timing of when The Bachelorette is filmed, many suspect that Caila Quinn will get the gig. Some say the editing she's getting lends credence to this possibility, and there definitely are fans rooting for her.

Show creator Mike Fleiss loves to tease these decisions on Twitter, and he is soliciting input once again. How much is the decision swayed by the input from fans on social media? Naturally, the show will make whatever decision they want to make, but they certainly want to take stock of how viewers are responding to the various candidates.

Based on responses to Fleiss' tweet, it certainly seems that Bachelorette fans are torn. Becca, Caila, JoJo, and Amanda all have solid support, from the looks of things. A poll by blogger Sophienette at Insomniac Ramblings shows similar results, as so far JoJo, Becca, and Amanda are all virtually tied, with Caila lagging far behind in fourth place.

The runner-up from a Bachelor season has not been given the Bachelorette gig in quite some time, but many fans say it is time. JoJo's brothers and ex-boyfriend set the stage for a lot of drama during her hometown date, and many are buzzing about her mom after the family visit episode as well.

Fletcher has won over a lot of viewers throughout the course of Ben Higgins' season, and JoJo is clearly a popular choice to become The Bachelorette. Will the show shake things up by finding a convincing way to storyboard having the brokenhearted runner-up being ready to look for love again so quickly?

Or, will the show go with Caila Quinn, the bachelorette that many suspect will get the gig? From the looks of the talk online, the network should not count Amanda Stanton out yet, either, though things may well shift over the next few weeks leading up to the final rose ceremony. Obviously, if Reality Steve's spoilers about Ben Higgins' final rose turn out to be wrong, that shakes this discussion up in a big way.

Who would you like to see handing out roses during ABC's The Bachelorette 2016 spring season? Will it be JoJo Fletcher, Caila Quinn, Amanda Stanton, Becca Tilley, or someone completely unexpected?

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