Actress Paz De La Huerta Crushed In Car Accident, Recounts Incident That ‘Scarred’ Her

In a lawsuit, Paz de la Huerta is claiming that a horrible car crash, stemming from a 2011 shoot in Toronto, has derailed her career. The actress, who is known for starring on the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, was shooting the film Nurse 3D when she was struck by an ambulance, which sent her falling to the ground.

Paz de la Huerta was with umbrella in hand, crossing the street when she was nailed by an ambulance mirror. In the $55 million dollar lawsuit with Lionsgate, the actress claims that the crash left her permanently injured. The actress goes on to say that she had to have surgery on her spine, as she suffered from a spinal fracture and a broken tailbone.

The video, which will act as her proof in the upcoming trial, will be the main evidence that she’s been unable to act. The video which was recently released, shows Paz being thrown to the ground, when a stunt driver behind the wheel of an ambulance spun the actress around. According to TMZ, Lionsgate is trying to get the case dismissed.

In a statement to the New York Daily News, Paz de la Huerta said the following about the incident.

“As you can see in the video, what happened that night was terrible. It has scarred me both physically and emotionally for many years.”

She continued to explain what she wants to see if this case goes forward.

“I just want justice to be done and for the people responsible to be held accountable. And, more than anything, what I want is to get back to the thing I love the most, which is acting.”

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When the news of the lawsuit was first released in July of 2015, it’s said that after hearing that Paz was filing a worker’s claim, the director of the “sexy” horror film, had decided that she was difficult to work with, and had her lines dubbed by another actress for the ambulance scene, and additional scenes as well.

Since the film tanked, and she’s been left injured, the actress, who was making around $2 million at the time, is insisting she’s granted $55 million and money for punitive damages. In addition, she wants the judge to have the director redub her voice back in.

Since her 2011 accident, Paz has been a part of nine projects of various mediums including TV, video shorts, and independent films. Her most notable was Bare, which was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival to lackluster reviews. That said, the Hollywood Reporter gave a positive review to her performance as a free spirit.

“The perfectly cast de la Huerta is equally effective as the alluring seductress, even if her familiar character offers few surprises.”

If she was truly difficult on the set of Nurse 3D, this wouldn’t be the first time rumors had swirled about the actress’ behavior. It’s said she was possibly fired from the Martin Scorsese-produced series, Boardwalk Empire. TVLine reported that although she starred in the first two seasons, the powers that be decided not to pick up her contract for the third season. When the news broke, a rep from HBO decided not to comment on the matter.

Her erratic behavior has been reported on throughout the years. One report, stemming from 2007, sees the actress “dancing wildly, careening all over the place, crashing into people and tables,” and “doing a striptease during that song ‘I Touch Myself,’ pulling down her top, pulling up her dress, making a real gruesome spectacle.”

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