David Duchovny Wants More Episodes Of ‘The X-Files’

The return of The X-Files has been a huge success. Eric Olson from Cleveland pretty much sums up the reason why show is still appealing after all these years.

The X-Files 2016 has seen the reestablishment of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s Mulder and Scully as one of the most iconic pairs in TV history. Other than the rather joyless opening ep, which was perhaps inevitably heavy on exposition and table setting, this has been an immensely satisfying season with a wider emotional range than we have seen before from the stars and their characters.”

Olson adds that all the emotional range has been built up upon their respective mid-life crises. The New York Times also has positive things to say about the return of The X-Files at least after the first episode.

“The first episode is called ‘My Struggle,’ which aptly describes the experience of sitting through it. It lumbers. It plods. The actors chew sawdusty mouthfuls of expository dialogue…. Thankfully, the second episode shakes the dourness and gives Mulder and Scully more room to breathe. But it’s the third–a comic palate-cleanser in the “monster of the week” vein–that finally recreates the show’s oddball delights.”

However, not everybody is thrilled with the updated episodes. Maureen Ryan of Variety certainly isn’t a fan. She believes that most of the time, The X-Files is trying too hard and is too superficial. She believes this unsatisfying combination certainly doesn’t leave Duchovny and Anderson much substance to dig into.

The reaction to The X-Files on Twitter has been mostly positive.


However, the people on Twitter who hate it aren’t afraid to express their dislike.

DAvid Duchovny 'The X Files'
David Duchovny is all down for filming more episodes of "The X-Files."

There is good news for The X-Files fans. Even though the final episode will air Monday evening, Entertainment Weekly reports that David Duchovny is interested in shooting more episodes.

“I would love to. I think we all would,” the magazine quoted Duchovny telling Ellen DeGeneres in regards to shooting new episodes.

The article adds that Duchovny also explained that returning to the series this time was like being in a family, especially when it came to his chemistry with long-time costar Gillian Anderson. The comments after the article show nothing but excitement over the prospect of new episodes.

“Please make this happen,” says @BlueCover.

“Yes, more X Files please,” begs @CyanQuill.

The ratings for The X-Files have been generally good. Variety reported that the first episode of the revival attracted about 20.3 million viewers in a three-day monitoring period. The number includes live tune-ins and DVR viewings. Even though the rest of the episodes haven’t lived up to the ratings success of the first, they have delivered a big enough audience for Fox to consider producing more episodes.

To longtime The X-Files fans, saying the new season is just as good as the old seasons is blasphemy. However, there are actually people who say they enjoy this season the most out of any previous one. Are you a big fan of The X-Files? Let us know in the comments section.

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