‘American Horror Story’ News: Who’s Coming Back For More Blood

Even though American Horror Story: Hotel received mixed reviews, overall ratings were still high enough that FX has renewed the series for a sixth season. As soon as word reached Ryan Murphy’s ears, he did just what he always does and began making phone calls to those he’s most interested in bringing back. He also reached out to those actors eager to return to the AHS anthology.

While it is still early, there are a few scarce details available about the next American Horror Story anthology, including which favorites are returning, who will be new to the series, and where this next installment will take place.

American Horror Story – Everyone’s Bloodthirsty For Another Round

One of the first actors confirmed to be returning for Season 6 of AHS is Cheyenne Jackson who played Will Drake in American Horror Story: Hotel. Mr. Jackson announced his interest in coming back for another season, even before Hotel ended. He said that he was impressed with the professionalism of the entire cast and, of particular interest, it was a joy for him to work with Kathy Bates, who Cheyenne says has been his favorite actress.

Angela Bassett will also be returning for Season 6 of AHS, as confirmed by both Ryan Murphy and herself. Ms. Bassett’s past American Horror Story performances have netted her two Emmy awards and it’s expected that Angela’s portrayal of Ramona Royale will win her a third award.

Echoing much of American Horror Story‘s cast, Ms. Bassett says she really enjoyed working with Lady Gaga in Season 5.

“It was exciting,” says the AHS star. “You knew she’d be an formidable force and foe and indeed she was.”

Lady Gaga To Take On Slenderman?

Probably the biggest news of all concerns Lady Gaga’s return for Season 6. In full disclosure, nothing has actually been signed, meaning Gaga’s return to American Horror Story has not yet been confirmed. On the flip side of that, Lady Gaga has been very public about her desire to return for another season and Ryan Murphy has been equally emphatic about having her back, so the signing of contracts may be nothing more than a formality.

As for the plot of AHS‘s sixth installment, the general consensus continues to focus on bringing a particular Creepypasta legend to life. Looking to internet memes for inspiration, the next American Horror Story plot may involve Slenderman, a mythical creation who is said to stalk children.

“Someone else wrote the script, and AHS wants to adapt it to fit the show,” reports an insider. “They have to buy the rights. Then they’re going to figure out the cast from there.”

The fictional character of Slenderman, an abnormally tall, faceless creature dressed in black, was first created by Eric Knudson in 2009, while he was a contributor to Something Awful forums. From there, Slenderman took on a life of his own, showing up in artwork, fan fiction, and the videos of amateur filmmakers and animators.

Slenderman gained a more widespread noteriety, when the mythical creation was blamed for a near fatal Wisconsin stabbing. The incident, which occurred on Saturday, May 31, 2014 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, involved three young girls. Two 12-year-old girls lured a classmate into a nearby forest, where they took part in stabbing the girl 19 times. When asked why they would commit such a heinous act, the girls replied that they were trying to impress Slenderman.

Ryan Murphy may be trying to capitalize on the sensationalism surrounding the Slenderman stabbing, much as he has been doing with his recreation of the O.J. Simpson trial on American Crime Story. In that case, it seems likely that Lady Gaga and Angela Bassett may potray mothers of two of the girls, while Cheyenne Jackson may again play a cop, or perhaps Slenderman himself.

[Image by FX]