Morgan Freeman Lends His Voice To The Waze App And Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

Morgan Freeman’s voice is legendary. Sure, he is an Oscar-caliber actor but let’s face it, his easily-recognizable voice is what a lot of people immediately think of when his name is mentioned. Now, you’ll be able to hear his voice in your car with the Waze navigation app, reports USA Today.

The GPS app can now give you directs during your commute, using the voice of Morgan Freeman. So if he happens to be one of your favorite actors, this may be the perfect opportunity and excuse to get rid of Google Maps and start using Waze. Morgan isn’t the only big name actor who has lent his voice to the navigation app. Arnold Schwarzenegger has also provided his voice for the app, with the announcement being made during the promotion of the latest entry in the Terminator franchise, Terminator Genisys. The studio for the film partnered up with Waze and created a mutually beneficial opportunity for themselves, and now Freeman is the newest actor to be apart of this promotional event.


Morgan Freeman has a role in London Has Fallen, the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, which is set to be released in theaters on March 4, 2016. In the film, Freeman reprises his role as Allan Trumbull, former Speaker of the House who was sworn in as Vice President. What’s really interesting about this London Has Fallen-Waze promotion is that Morgan Freeman will be giving you directions and address you as if you are the president of the United States. It as a perfect and creative tool to help tie-in the movie, and who wouldn’t want to hear Morgan Freeman talk to you as if you’re the most important person in the world?

Speaking of presidents and politics, even Hillary Clinton’s current presidential campaign recognizes the power of Freeman’s voice. The campaign recently released a brand new ad in Georgia, which features Morgan as the narrator, telling the audience that Clinton has “always stood with us.” The actor reassures Democrats that Hillary “stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements.” Needless to say, it’s safe to assume that Morgan Freeman will be supporting and voting for Hillary Clinton this election.

It seems to be a strategical move by the campaign to pull in more of the minority voters within the Democratic electorate in Georgia and South Carolina, showcasing admiration and respect for president Barack Obama. The ad will be airing on Tuesday in both of those states. Will Morgan Freeman’s voice help bring in the black vote for Clinton? Maybe it will, maybe it won’t.

Morgan Freeman elaborated on his views of the Democratic presidential candidate with CNN’s Don Lemon and said that he has no trust issues with Hillary.

“Not with me, she doesn’t. I can’t say that she doesn’t, because all you need in some cases for people is to say it. Just put it out there and it gets legs. The Clintons have been being beat down ever since way back, so she just was going along with that legacy that she’s inherited over the amount of time she’s been in politics, which is a long time.”


Along with this upcoming ad, Freeman has narrated television spot in which he discusses her career after graduating law school. Morgan touches on Hillary’s efforts to help Latino voters register in Texas, fighting against racism in Alabama schools as well as her work on juvenile justice reform in the state of South Carolina.

Morgan Freeman would probably be able to win a presidential race just based on his voice alone.

London Has Fallen is set to be released on March 4, 2016.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for A+E Networks]