Darrelle Revis Planning To Show Up At Jets Training Camp [Report]

Derrelle Revis is planning on showing up for the Jets training camp — maybe. While a league source has confirmed that the New York Jets’ quarterback will be reporting to the training camp next Thursday, there is talk that Revis may be holding out in a contract dispute again, for the second time in three years.

The New York Times reports that Revis’s last public comments on the matter were that he didn’t know if he would be showing up or not. Revis stated, “That’s up to Mike Tannenbaum,” referring to the Jets’ general manager. If he does choose to show, they believe, “Revis’s arrival would eliminate a potentially significant distraction at a training camp that will probably be heavily scrutinized because of the presence of Tim Tebow.”

The last time Darrelle Revis held out on training camp over a contract negotiation, according to The New York Daily News, was in 2010, when he signed a $46 million, four-year deal with the Jets.

The latest potential hold out would have to do with the same contract, which the quarterback expressed uncertainty about recently, despite the fact that he is expected to make $13.5 million in salary and bonuses in the next two years of his contract, with $7.5 million earned just this season.

His 2010 contract agreement came after a 35-day holdout, where he missed the entirety of training camp, signing the new deal just a few days before the 2010 season opener.

ESPN notes that not only would Darrelle Revis lose valuable practice time if he skips training camp because of a hold out, the Jets quarterback would actually trigger a clause in his contract by holding out, which would extend it an additional three years, through 2016, with an addition of $9 million.