Kailyn Lowry Details Heartbreaking Miscarriage On New Season Of ‘Teen Mom 2’

Kailyn Lowry has been a hot topic since having plastic surgery earlier this year. She agreed to have Dr. Miami film her procedures while on Snapchat, which made headlines for weeks. Rumors have been plaguing Lowry and Javi Marroquin for months. Divorce has been a hot topic, but their marriage is still going strong despite some heartbreaking moments in 2015. With the new season of Teen Mom 2 beginning in just under a month, fans are going to get a look at what Lowry and Marroquin have been dealing with behind the scenes with the new trailer.

The last several weeks have been difficult for Kailyn Lowry. Javi Marroquin has already been deployed for several weeks, and will not be returning home until at least September. According to People, Kailyn Lowry reveals she suffered a miscarriage in the new Teen Mom 2 trailer. Fans will see Javi Marroquin telling his wife how much he wanted that child, with Lowry shown with tears trickling down her face. Dealing with something like that takes a toll on a marriage, and while the couple is still holding it together, it is still pretty raw for them. With Marroquin being gone, Lowry is left to deal with the emotional part on her own while still taking care of Issac and Lincoln.

When MTV announced the Teen Mom 2 premiere date, Kailyn Lowry was not given the information. She found out online, and was less than thrilled about it. The last several months have been hard on Lowry, especially with the impending deployment her husband was facing. Now, that it is known that Javi Marroquin is in Qatar, things are a little bit easier. Lowry can FaceTime him, which helps. The boys are missing their dad, with Isaac having the more emotional moments. He is used to both Lowry and Marroquin being there for him. Lincoln is still a little young to be upset, but Lowry says it is clear he misses his father, too.

The Teen Mom 2 trailer shows the heartbreak Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are dealing with in the weeks leading up to his deployment. Right now, many fans are speculating that Lowry went through with the plastic surgery because of the grief she was dealing with. According to Hollywood Life, Kailyn Lowry was visibly upset while talking about the miscarriage on the Teen Mom 2 trailer. This news was shocking to fans who had no idea the couple was dealing with such a terrible loss. Lowry and Marroquin have been the subject of many headlines, but none having to do with the tragic loss of their unborn child.

Right after Javi Marroquin returns home, Kailyn Lowry has a family vacation planned. The couple and their children need some family time, and she is more than ready to get it. Lowry is currently at home with the children and working while Marroquin is halfway around the world. They are able to have some contact, but it is going to be another six months or so before Marroquin can hug Lowry. It is unclear how fresh the miscarriage is, but it definitely was within the last few months. Teen Mom 2 has been filming since at least October, so everything is still pretty fresh and new. Lowry seems to be able to keep it together better than expected, but it is clear in the trailer she is incredibly hurt over it. The details surrounding the miscarriage are not clear, but it appears that it will be addressed during the conversation between Lowry and Marroquin. Fans wish Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin nothing but the best, especially after their most recent heartbreak.

[Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]