Donald Trump Campaigns In Game Of Thrones’ Westeros In ‘Winter Is Trumping’

Fresh off his South Carolina victory, Trump heads to Westeros in a mash-up video released on YouTube this weekend. In the video, Trump matches wits with Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, and Daenerys Targaryen as he brings his unique brand of political invective to HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Trump challenges a pleading Daenerys Targaryen, banishing her people to the Red Waste due to fears that some among her band of refugees may be radical Muslims. Trump’s speeches are superimposed on appropriate moments from HBO’s landmark series. Surprisingly, Trump fits right into the bitterly divided and deadly Westeros, particularly his promise to build the greatest wall the world has ever seen.

There’s some similarity between the Westeros version of Trump and the real one, especially following his double-digit win in South Carolina, Trump has come out firing on all cylinders, criticizing his opponents as well as the Republican National Committee.

Trump’s victory in South Carolina was narrower than his campaign might have liked, edging out Rubio and Cruz by 10 percent, reports the New York Times. This could be trouble for Trump, since Cruz and Rubio both got around 22 percent of the vote in South Carolina. A breakdown of Trump’s voter base reveals that his supporters are a mix of conventional establishment Republicans and the more conservative Tea Party Republicans, while Rubio and Cruz each draw support from one of each category.


The New York Times breaks it down further, suggesting that the poll numbers from South Carolina might hand Trump an overall victory, but they speak volumes for his potential in a general election. Cruz and Rubio’s supporters are voting against Trump as much as they’re voting for their own candidates, so if it came down to a two-man race — with Trump on one side and Cruz or Rubio on the other — Trump’s prospects wouldn’t look great for a general election victory.

Jeb Bush, by contrast, came in a distant fourth in South Carolina, and he dropped out this weekend, sending a signal to the other two candidates who didn’t do as well as he did — John Kasich and Ben Carson — that it may be time to throw in the towel.

ABC News reports that Donald Trump’s campaign is well aware of the danger he faces in the polls, and they’re taking the South Carolina results into account to inform their strategy for Nevada and beyond. Trump sharply criticized the Republican National Committee this weekend for what he calls unfair treatment despite a double-digit win over Cruz and Rubio, who Trump claims the RNC is supporting.


“I don’t think I’m being treated fairly by the RNC. I walk in and [the RNC debate] has all these special interest lobbyists and donors sitting in the room and I don’t have any donors because I don’t have any special interests and I don’t have any lobbyists,” Trump said on ABC’s This Week, alleging that the RNC loads the Republican debate audiences with lobbyists who favor his competitors. “I walk in and it’s dead silence except for my wife and kids, and these guys walk in and they say something that is stupid and not even good and they get standing ovations when they open their mouths. It’s very unfair in terms of the debates.”

Cruz and Rubio aren’t taking the criticism lying down, however, reports the New York Times. Both candidates are understandably unsatisfied with their performance in South Carolina, but they suspect the best days of their campaigns may be ahead of them.

“Last night was truly the beginning of the real Republican primary,” Marco Rubio told CNN.

Whether or not Trump would beat Cruz or Rubio in a Westeros primary remains to be seen, however.

[Photo by Branden Camp/Getty Images]