Petition To Impeach Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin Picking Up A Lot Of Speed

Republican Matt Bevin has been in office as the governor of Kentucky for just about a month now, but it’s already been a tumultuous time for him. Not only are people speaking against him, but there is actually an online petition to impeach him from office. Sure, it may just be another online petition as there are so many of them, but it’s beginning to pick up speed and eventually, someone higher up in the political offices will have to take notice.

Bevin has been doing a lot of different things since he took office and that includes changing up the budget and angering those in the educational industry.

Just a week-and-a-half ago, Bevin had his first ceremonial law signing as reported by WHAS. This was the first time in 12 years that a Kentucky governor has signed a pro-life piece of legislation, and there were hundreds of people in attendance to witness the event.

While that is an incredibly groundbreaking event in the state of Kentucky and around the United States, there are many other problems that people have with Bevin. has the petition going to “remove” Bevin from office, and it’s gaining a lot of steam.

petition impeach governor matt bevin
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The petition to impeach Matt Bevin as governor of Kentucky, and it is trying desperately to get the attention of the Kentucky State Senate. As of Sunday, evening, it had already gotten 6,647 supporters in hopes of making it to 7,500.

The number is jumping by the hundreds with every passing minute.

The accusations brought forth in the petition are things that anyone would have to sit up and take notice of, but the attention needs to be brought to them first. Maybe some of the higher ranking officials have already seen them, but if the people bring it to the front, then it may need to have something done about it.

“Kentucky State Governor Matt Bevin has introduced a budget that would cut funds to the committees for ethics investigations and elections oversight. These budget cuts would disallow the committees to oversee the ethics of the Governor’s office. Matt Bevin wants free reign over Kentucky without any legal repercussions.”

Not everyone is always going to agree with what an elected official does while sitting in the chair to rule as governor or mayor or senator or president. Still, there is much more to this whole situation, and it comes in the form of election fraud.

petition impeach governor matt bevin
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The petition goes on to state that Matt Bevin has been accused of rigging the the 2015 election, and that there has not been anything done about it. There has been no formal investigation or even any talk at all of a recount.

As Politics USA reported, Bevin was accused of election fraud when suspicious results came in, and well, he’s looking to put an end any watchdog ethics commissions. That would, in turn, stop any agencies in Kentucky from investigating him or looking into whether fraud was committed or not.

WKYT reported that the end of the Executive Branch Ethics Commission is just one of the many budget cuts that Bevin is looking to bring in.

“The executive director of the Executive Branch Ethics Commission said the proposed 4.5 percent budget cut this year and the 9 percent cut over the next two years will devastate the agency. She said it would force her to lay off the agency’s sole investigator and auditor, two employees who already work part time.”

Bevin has said that the budget cuts are absolutely necessary to help in fixing the multi-billion dollar pension shortfalls affecting state workers, police, firefighters, and public school teachers in Kentucky.

The state of Kentucky has elected Matt Bevin as their governor, but as time goes on, there are already those opposing him, speaking up. The petition calling to impeach Bevin started off slow, but it is picking up speed and eventually, someone is going to have to notice it and publicly address it.

[Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]