‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 News: Guess Who’s Coming Back

American Horror Story is perhaps the most watched show on cable network television and now, one of its flagship starlets is returning to Season 6. The anthology horror series has been a major hit with fans of the genre, and others in general.

One thing that is for certain is that American Horror Story has a lot of momentum heading into Season 6 this year, and there are a few noteworthy developments that may be of specific interest to fans.

What most already know is that the troupe of actors that come in every season for the show and put up stellar (and cringeworthy) performances, never play the same character twice. That is with a few small exceptions, of course, with minor characters.

For the past three years, Angela Bassett has been a mainstay on AHS, and she has recently confirmed to Larry King in an interview that she will be returning to Season 6 of the mega hit FX show, as reported by Ora TV.

According to Comic Book, Bassett has been so effective in her roles in the show that she has been nominated two different times for an Emmy on the show. After confirming to Larry King that she is indeed returning to the show for its sixth season, the sky is the limit for what she may be able to accomplish in her future.

Bassett may be the big name that is returning for Season 6 of American Horror Story, at least as confirmed at this point, but there has also been speculation that the original headlining star Jessica Lange will be picking back up with the series after her hiatus and bringing the show some new power that was lacking last season.

But Season 5 of AHS did not lack much star power, given that pop singer and major star Lady Gaga headlined the season in her place, putting her at top billing, which usually comes at the end of the opening credits for the show.

Lange put up outstanding performances in the first four seasons of American Horror Story, and she took the show into its epic heights that it currently enjoys today. Her characters have been a whirlwind of typecasts, defying the norm for what a series heroine is normally portrayed as.

In Season 1 of American Horror Story, she played the woman next door who had her fair share of mysteries that went along with the titular Murder House. She then came in and played the warden of the insane asylum in Season 2, a powerful witch and coven leader in Season 3, and the headlining star of a freak show in Season 4.

Suffice it to say that each one of her characters have been shrouded in mystery and intrigue from start to finish of every season of American Horror Story. One second, she would be the evil incarnate that drove the season and the next moment, that same character would be the knight in shining armor that came in and saved or redeemed the victim.

Either way, American Horror Story this season could put Bassett and Lange back together as the duo of actresses that bring a large haul to the series. If that news holds up and Lady Gaga returns as well, Season 6 of American Horror Story could end up having the biggest ratings season of its entire run.

That would put Bassett, Lange, and Gaga as the leads for a series that already has a huge cult following in the U.S. and around the world.

Although fans of American Horror Story have long speculated online that Season 6 would be about Slender Man, that theory has already been debunked by producers of the show.

[Image via FX]