Maggie Lindemann Accuses Kesha Of Lying, Hate Backfires

Kesha’s current predicament has been made known to the world, and yet Sony won’t let her off her contract. Now, even a little girl is accusing Kesha of lying about her case—and her hate is backfiring straight at her.

Kesha faced the Manhattan Supreme Court last Friday in a bid to break off her contract with her producer Dr. Luke and Sony. Kesha stood before the court to accuse Dr. Luke of rape and emotional abuse during the years they worked together. TheInquisitr previously reported that Kesha’s action against her producer and the recording have been ongoing since 2014, but the case has been on ice since then. However, last Friday, when the hearing resumed, Kesha did not receive the news she was eager to hear. The Supreme Court of Manhattan denied the injunction pleaded by Kesha against Dr. Luke, and she is now forced to honor her contract with Sony until it expires.

As soon as the news about Kesha’s loss at the Supreme Court came out, millions came out to Kesha’s aid to support and sympathize with her. Within hours, the handle #FreeKesha trended on Twitter, in support of Kesha’s case against Sony and Dr. Luke.

However, while millions of people, celebrity and not, came to Kesha’s aid, one particular celebrity stood out because instead of supporting the fallen artist, she accused Kesha of fraud.

This celebrity is Maggie Lindemann, an American singer/songwriter and internet celebrity. In response to Kesha’s case, she went to Twitter to voice out her rather unpleasant opinion.

“Sorry but you can’t believe everything, some people are twisted and make up things.”

In three hours, in response to a comment that read “what the f**k are they assuming lmao????????” by @sincerelymyles, who was one of the people who felt offended by Lindemann’s accusation, she tweets once more and adds the following.

“Nobody knows the full story, just because she says something doesn’t meant it’s true.”

It didn’t take long before the whole of Twitter lashed out at Lindemann, who wasn’t at all sensitive about Kesha’s predicament. In a few hours, Lindemann deleted her tweets regarding Kesha’s case. Twitter user @myalwaysari was able to screencap Maggie Lindemann’s tweets before she deleted it and made her Twitter account private, and was able to post it back online for other people’s reference.

Apparently, Lindemann got into a nearly similar case back in 2015 where she suffered from sexual and verbal harassment from her boyfriend Carter Reynolds. Now that another woman is in a pinch, fans felt that it was too much of a hypocrite for her to go around pointing fingers.

Before Lindemann deleted her tweets and went private, another celebrity, Madison Beer, took notice of her incriminating tweets and went to Kesha’s defense. She tweets as follows.

“Not only being raped kills, but being raped then being accused of lying about it kills, remember that.”

Lindemann was quick to notice that Beer was pertaining to her so she texts Beer, which read: “idk what ur problem has always been w me but you should @ me next time.” This text message was screencapped by Madison and shared to her fans on Twitter, which read as follows.

@Madison Beer don’t state an opinion on social media and not expect hate. but @MaggieLindemann there ya go girly

Madison Beer and Maggie Lindemann’s conversation about Kesha’s case and Lindemann’s hate is now long gone from Twitter, with Beer saying she removed them because she’s “not gonna give her free promo.”

Madison Beer comes to Kesha's rescue (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)
Lindemann’s opinion about the #FreeKesha movement was not received very well by a lot of people, and she started getting hate comments and threats. She reveals to Twitter than she is crying her eyes out—even her father, too. Unable to withstand all the drama, she deleted the tweets and locked her account. Maggie Lindemann, however, is still receiving hate from followers on Instagram.

Printscreen from Maggie Lindemann's Instagram
Now, it stands that Kesha has to do 6 more albums with Sony and producer Dr. Luke before she is able to get out of her contract. Kesha’s supporters are still hoping that by showing their support for the #FreeKesha movement, they are able to make a difference.

[Kesha’s photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images; Lindemann’s photo via her Instagram account]