Princess Kate Won’t Hesitate To Seek Help If Charlotte Or George Had Mental Health Problems

Princess Kate has said she wouldn’t hesitate to seek help if Charlotte or George had mental health problems, according to People.

Kate Middleton (aka Princess Kate, or the Duchess of Cambridge) has always taken children’s mental health seriously, and when it comes to her own kids — Prince George, 2-years-old, and Princess Charlotte, 9-months-old — she will surely keep an eye on their mental health.

“William and I would not hesitate to seek help for our children if they needed it,” Princess Kate revealed in a blog post for Huffington Post U.K. about the launch of Young Minds Matter, a campaign that studies children’s mental health problems, their causes, and treatment.

Princess Kate also said that her family does their best to encourage George and Charlotte to speak about their feelings, as well as give them a push to be supportive toward their peers as they grow older.

The 34-year-old mother of two also wrote that children mustn’t feel shame if they are struggling with their emotions or having mental health problems.

On Wednesday, Princess Kate made a big announcement, saying she plans to become the patron of a mental health charity called the Anna Freud Centre. She visited the Centre back in December for a Christmas Party.

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama has also expressed her support for the initiative, urging the United States to take the problem of mental health issues more seriously.

Last week, Princess Kate was photographed boarding a helicopter at Kensington Gardens when going home to Anmer Hall in London, according to Just Jared.

Meanwhile, Princess Kate’s younger sister, Pippa Middleton, was photographed a few days ago going to the gym in London, according to Just Jared.

This week, there were big rumors circulating in the internet that Princess Kate could be pregnant. According to numerous sources that spread the rumors, Kate is expecting twin girls with her royal husband Prince William.

However, the rumors were soon debunked by Gossip Cop after a palace official dismissed such a notion. So Princess Kate is not pregnant with twin girls. Instead, she is gearing up for a trip to Bhutan and India this spring.

Meanwhile, Princess Kate was recently featured in an educational video shot at a school, explaining the importance of helping children who struggle with mental health problems, as reported by People.

The video is three and a half minutes long, and it has already been watched over half a million times. The video has appeared on social media platforms and has been broadcast in 180 countries around the world, which means millions of people had the chance to watch Princess Kate urging people to take children’s mental health seriously.

Princess Kate is also part of Place2Be, a charity that sees its purpose in helping those who struggle with mental health issues. According to Place2Be staff, Kate is “extremely well-informed” about children’s mental health issues.

Children who participated in making the video with Princess Kate enjoyed that experience, according to the school’s staff.

Bailey-Rae, 7, and Nimra, 10, told People how excited they were to meet the Duchess, and that they had the biggest smiles on their faces immediately after she walked into the school.

Princess Kate owes her knowledge about the problem of mental health issues to her observations on how the Place2Be charity operated for over a year during her public and private visits there. Ever since she became a regular visitor of Place2Be, she has learned a great deal about the importance of helping children who suffer from mental health issues.

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