Sister Buys Brother Hamster — What Happens Next Brings Over 20 Million Views In A Few Days [Video]

This sister buys her brother a hamster, and she couldn’t wait to give it to him. Once her brother returned home, what happened next caused a social media frenzy. However, you have to know the backstory, first.

According to the siblings’ mother, Rachel Stout, the brother (Daniel Jr.) was on a mission of his own. He noticed that his sister purchased a hamster for herself. He was so interested and excited until he wanted one of his own. That’s when he took it upon himself to earn enough money to make it happen.

According to the mother’s Facebook upload, she detailed the backstory as follows.

“So ever since Abby got her hamster Daniel had been busting his butt doing extra chores and going above and beyond to earn money to buy himself one. We added up Abigail’s birthday money and gift cards and she had $55 total. I asked her what she wanted to do with her money and she says, ‘I want to surprise Daniel and buy him his hamster. He has been working soooo hard’.

“I asked her numerous times of she was sure that’s what she wanted to do with her money and she never faltered. Daniel went over to a friend’s house to have a sleepover and we took Abby to pet smart where she asked for the exact hamster Daniel said he wanted, held it to make sure it was nice and excitedly told the woman all about how she was surprising her brother.

“We got it home, set it up and she she couldn’t wait for him to get home from his sleep over so he could be surprised and meet and name his hamster. This is the video of him meeting ‘Cubby’.”

You can watch the video below.

Abby seemingly couldn’t wait until her brother returned home. Once inside, you could tell she was excited while guiding him around the corner and into the room. According to Rachel, even when they brought up the fact that the sister could’ve gotten a pedicure and nails painted with her money, Abby quoted, “I don’t care, I wanted to do something nice for my brother.”

That’s a sincere example of sibling care and concern for each other. However, it doesn’t stop there. Daniel Stout, the father to Abby and Daniel Jr., mentioned that he was at work and crying. Apparently, he wasn’t able to control his emotions while watching the video, even after the fact.

“i am literally crying at work… our kids are incredible…i cant even look at this post now i keep lookin at it haha Mexican guys are looking at me like i am losing my mind haha i am laughing and tears running down my face ha…my kids are amazing.”

After Rachel expressed how proud she is of her children, many of their friends made comments about the family possibly going on the local news or submitting the video to Ellen DeGeneres’ “Be Kind To One Another” campaign. However, that hasn’t been confirmed or denied at this moment.

Fox News 13 covered the story as well, and it’s views have amassed over 19 million in just a few days. Likewise, millions of views have come from other media sources, including Rachel and Daniel’s Facebook posts.

Nevertheless, when the sister bought her brother the hamster, Rachel mentioned that she didn’t think it would trend this way. In essence, she was only recording her son’s reaction because he had worked so diligently to accumulate the necessary funds. Then, his sister paid for it with her own birthday money.

What are your thoughts about the brother and sister? Many people have expressed that the parents are raising their children extremely well. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image via Facebook]