‘Grimm’ Actress Claire Coffee On The Threat Of Eve

Grimm actress Claire Coffee has gone from being one of the show’s villains to becoming an ally and love interest to series lead, Nick Burkhardt, played by David Giuntoli. But, just when it seemed like Adalind is going to get to live the good life, Nick’s ex has returned from the dead. While Bitsie Tulloch isn’t playing the same old Juliette Silverton, Claire says the threat is the same. While the Grimm and his friends battle Black Claw, it seems Nick will also be facing a nasty love triangle at home.

Grimm‘s Claire Coffee Says Eve Poses A Threat To Adalind’s Happiness

Nick and Adalind have basically been living the American dream, playing house in the middle of nowhere, as they raise Kelly together and come to terms with their feelings for one another. All of that may be in jeopardy now, as Eve makes herself known. There’s no denying she’s quite different from Juliette, but that doesn’t mean Nick can’t be seduced by her charms, limited though they may be. Ms. Coffee says this is just what concerns her Grimm character.

“[Adalind] definitely doesn’t feel okay about Eve being back. She’s very scared of Eve and she’s every scared for what Eve being back means for her relationship with Nick,” the Grimm actress said in an interview with TV Guide.

Claire adds that Adalind Schade is very distrustful of Eve, regardless of her appearance and the change in her personality.

“Even if Eve is changed, I don’t think she really trusts that Eve is a totally different person and that it won’t jeopardize her relationship with Nick.”

Last night’s episode of Grimm saw Eve trying to insinuate herself into Adalind and Nick’s home life, but not out of a desire for Nick. Instead, Eve is concerned for Nick’s devotion to Hadrian’s Wall and the fight against Black Claw. She believes Coffee’s character may have a negative influence on the Grimm just when he’s needed most.

While it seems this battle of wills between Eve and Adalind is coming to a head, Claire says the two Grimm characters will soon be working on the same side, as events force Ms. Coffee’s character to join the fight against Black Claw.

“She gets swept into the war in a very serious way, soon,” the Grimm actress says. “It’s going to affect Adalind’s storyline and the family throughout the rest of the season.”

Claire Coffee Loves The Roller Coaster Ride Her Grimm Character Has Taken

Ms. Coffee says playing Adalind Schade on Grimm has been a thrill ride from the very beginning, adding that, as scripts aren’t handed out until a week in advance, the stories are as suspenseful for the cast as for the fans. Claire is grateful for the diverse story arc her character has taken through the seasons, because it’s given her such ample opportunities to explore her acting range.

“I feel like I got to play three different characters in the same show so far, so it’s been great fun for me.”

As she talks of playing different characters in the same series, the topic of Eve and Juliette comes up, as both characters are played by Bitsie Tulloch. Within the recent Grimm story arcs, there has been a great deal of animosity between Eve/Juliette and Adalind, but just how far does that hatred go?

Claire reveals it all really is an act. She has nothing but kind words for Grimm co-star Bitsie Tulloch, speaking of her as though she spoke of a great mentor.

“Well working with Bitsie (Tulloch) from an actor’s standpoint is great. She is super professional,” says Grimm’s Claire Coffee. “She always brings stuff to work off of, so that was great last year to get to do that.”

It isn’t just about working together on Grimm, either. Ms. Coffee reveals there’s a real bond between the women of Grimm behind the scenes, even when they seem to be at each other’s throats on camera.

“And then off screen Bitsie, Bree (Turner), and I are very close. We have, you know, girl dates frequently and yes, it’s awesome.”

Grimm airs Fridays on NBC.

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