February 23, 2016
Kanye West Has "Outburst" At Airport Employee

It looks like Kanye West's outbursts are now spilling out of social media.

According to a new report by HollywoodLife, Kanye West had a total meltdown at LAX airport on February 17, where he allegedly shouted at an Air France employee after he found out that he would not be traveling first class.

"Kanye threw a temper tantrum directed at the gate agent employee for Air France in the international terminal of LAX," a source allegedly told HollywoodLife. "When Kanye was bumped on his flight to France from first class to business on Wednesday he lost it."

Kanye's latest outburst supposedly happened after he was asked to sit in business class rather than first class after Air France overbooked the flight to France that West was scheduled to depart on.

"The problem was that Kanye booked his first class ticket with very little notice, only a day or so before the flight," the insider told the site of West's alleged tantrum. "It is routine for airlines to over-sell seats. When Kanye arrived for his flight he lost his cool when he was told that first class was full and that he would need to sit in business class."

The source also revealed to the site that West spent a lot of money on the ticket to Europe, and was less than thrilled about being downgraded by the airline. Although, he did eventually calm down and board the flight to sit in business class.

"After arguing with the airline employee, he calmed down and boarded the flight after all the first class passengers had taken their seats," the insider confirmed.

While West was at the center of all the drama at LAX airport when he jetted out of the country earlier this week, The Daily Mail reported that he actually dispelled trouble when he jetted back into the California hub on February 19.

The site is reporting that Kanye turned the tables and actually became the peacemaker when he returned to the States after he managed to break-up an altercation between two overzealous paparazzos who were following him through the terminal.

According to The Daily Mail, Kanye West was "all smiles" as he touched down in Los Angeles yesterday, despite his previous airport drama, and then "quickly stepped in" to end the developing fight between the two shutterbugs, which resulted in a big hug from one of the photographers.

The paparazzo "graciously thanked Kanye with a huge bear hug" following the incident "and was clearly relieved the incident was over," The Daily Mail revealed.

While it looks like Kanye West surprisingly ended up being the voice of reason, the news of West's latest airport outburst comes just days after reports claimed that Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian, was planning an "intervention" for the rapper following his recent outbursts.

An insider close to Kardashian told HollywoodLife earlier this week that West's family are "planning an intervention at Kris [Jenner's] house to get Kanye in check" after his recent outbursts – which included scathing remarks about Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, plus eyebrow raising claims about Taylor Swift.

According to the insider, Kim wants to bring in Amber Rose for the sit down and both want to "convey to him that his comments about Taylor Swift and other women are out of line."

"Kim wants North present so that Kanye can see his precious daughter when she and Amber go in on him," the source continued. "Kim knows d--- well that Kanye would kill some man if he ever said disrespectful and misogynistic stuff about Nori. Together, Kim's hoping that the three of them can put an end to Kanye's madness."

What do you think of Kanye West's latest airport drama?

[Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images for Vogue]