Bernie Sanders’ Brother Claims ‘Rapist’ Bill Clinton Worse Than Bush

Bernie Sanders’ big brother claims that the superficial U.S. news media is too obsessed with trying to determine whether Bill Clinton was a “terrible rapist” or a “nice rapist” rather than focusing on his “dreadful” record as the 42nd president.

Presumably, the real-life Bernie Bro is referring to press reporting on Bill Clinton’s reputation for sexually aggressive behavior with other women outside of his marriage, some of which were allegedly non-consensual.

Bernie’s brother also described the Vermont senator as a “genuine socialist” who is a rhetorical soldier in the class warfare struggle.

Bernie Sanders has been in Congress since 1991 as an independent socialist who votes with the Democrats almost all the time. He is running for president in election 2016 as a Democrat against Hillary Clinton.

After narrow (sort of) loss to Mrs. Clinton in the Iowa Caucus, followed by a big win in the New Hampshire primary, Sanders is locked in a virtual tie with Hillary heading into the Nevada Caucus and the South Carolina primary.

Larry Sanders (not to be confused with the title character in the Garry Shandling sitcom) is a retired college professor who has lived in the U.K. since 1969.

Earlier this month, the U.K. Green Party appointed Larry, 80, a former member of the Labor Party who still holds U.S. citizenship, as its national healthcare spokesman. He unsuccessfully ran for Parliament in 2015, finishing fifth out of seven candidates in the constituency.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Larry Sanders revealed that he speaks with his younger (Bernie Sanders is 74) brother every weekend on the phone and catches up on the latest campaign developments, which apparently often includes Bernie admitting that he’s tired from the grind.

Larry does plan to travel to America this summer to attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where his younger brother may or may not be nominated as the party’s presidential standard-bearer against Donald Trump or whoever ultimately emerges for the GOP. The older Sanders predicts a win for his brother if he manages to get the nomination.

Larry Sanders insisted that he and his brother, who he refers to as Bernard, both respect Hillary Clinton, but Larry’s feel-the-Bern opinion about her husband is another matter entirely.

“Bill Clinton has leapt in to try and make it personal with Bernard. He was a dreadful president—in general—for poor people…The imprisonment stuff stems back to him, the breaking up of the welfare system stems back to him, which caused a lot of misery, the trade deals—the NAFTA, a lot of bad key policies didn’t come in under the Bushes…The media have a lot to answer for, I think, you don’t get that detailed discussion. You get: ‘Is Hillary a nice person? Is Bill really such a terrible rapist or is he a nice rapist?’ It’s at that level the discussion—so you can imagine that people could have a pleasant opinion but not based on the actual policies.”

Ironically, or not, in this context, Bernie Sanders penned an essay in 1972 claiming that women fantasize about being gang raped and men fantasize about abusing women.

Larry Sanders also described Hillary Clinton’s current political policies as “feeble.”

As for his brother, “Bernard is a genuine socialist in his sense of class warfare—that he thinks there is not a national interest so much as there is an interest with sectors of the population. In that sense, his passion and the sense of conflict between the major owners and the rest of the population is very socialist—as socialist as Corbyn,” Larry Sanders explained in a nod to the far-left leader of the Labor Party in the U.K., Jeremy Corbyn.

Larry Sanders also made it sound like Bernie would follow Barack Obama’s controversial example and try to circumvent Congress if necessary to get things done via executive orders. “[If] if he thinks he’s got the constitutional power to do something—he will do it.”

So far, both the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigns have declined to comment on the Daily Beast interview with Larry Sanders, The Hill reported.

Separately, during a town hall forum nationally televised by MSNBC on Thursday night from South Carolina, Hillary Clinton got booed for questioning Bernie Sanders’ commitment to the Democrat Party, and also claimed that Sanders wanted someone to primary Obama in 2012.

[Photo by Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP)