‘Deadpool’ 2 Movie Rumors: Sequel To Be PG-13, Cast Keira Knightley As Female Cable? [Photo]

With Deadpool breaking box office records left and right, it did not come as a surprise that 20th Century Fox has already greenlighted the sequel. Earlier reports confirmed that Deadpool 2 is in the works, with its creative team possibly discussing pre-production preparations. Rumor has it, the new movie could have a PG-13 rating to bring in more audience and maybe even a female Cable, played by Keira Knightley.

In an interview with Collider, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick talked about what they had in mind for Deadpool 2. The duo promised that they will be bringing the same simple concept in the sequel, which is definitely a part of its charm.

They pointed out that Deadpool does not have to follow the traditional superhero movie formula just because it became such a huge unexpected hit.

“People love the fourth-wall stuff, we’ve learned that. I think people appreciated the fact that the story was simple… There’s so much zaniness that I think just having a clear throughline, a pretty simple story, not a ton of plot twists or weird things you have to try to figure out or understand, makes you able to just have fun with all that zaniness that you throw on top of it.”

Deadpool 2 may be given a higher budget than its predecessor, which was made with a modest $58 million, but Rhett Reese insisted that they wanted to keep the film’s simplicity. While they will be introducing new characters in the sequel, like Cable, he explained that they will have to fit in Deadpool’s “reasonably small, gritty world.”

“Deadpool doesn’t lift cities up into the air or battle aliens coming down to earth, that’s just not Deadpool. So we’re happy in that little small budget range that they have us in.”

If Cable and Deadpool will eventually team up in the sequel, Reese assured fans that it will be in the same relatable environment like the first movie. That goes without saying that the next Merc with a Mouth film will be given another R-rating for its strong violence and language, not to mention sexual content and graphic nudity.

If, however, Deadpool ends up in another movie like X-Force or X-Men, he may have no choice but to tone it down a little. The writers agreed that Deadpool may feel out of place in a PG-13 setting but that may only work to the film’s comedic advantage. They assumed that he will be pushing the edge of that rating more than any other character.

“Deadpool knows he’s in a movie, if he knows he’s in an R-rated movie and now he’s in a PG-13-rated movie, he’s probably gonna be frustrated by that.”

According to Blastr, Deadpool‘s become such a huge box office hit that its opening weekend earned as much as what 2013’s The Wolverine raked in for its entire domestic haul. What’s even more impressive is Deadpool was able to achieve that with a production budget less than half of Wolverine. Not to mention, Wolverine is dubbed as the “most bankable” character on X-Men.

While there is still no official release date for Deadpool 2, Cinema Blend reported that the creative team, director Tim Miller, and Ryan Reynolds are currently in negotiations to return for the sequel.

In a separate report, the outlet also tossed the idea of having a female actress play Cable in Deadpool 2. In the post-credits scene, Wade Wilson, himself, “joked” that Keira Knightley could play as Cable in the sequel. Although this idea may be far-fetched, Adam Holmes pointed out that if any superhero film could pull this off, it would most likely be Deadpool.

“Of all the superhero film series out there, Deadpool is the most likely to throw a curve ball by casting an actress in a role like Cable, so seeing Keira Knightley done up as above isn’t entirely impossible.”

[Puoto by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]