‘Pregnant At 17’: Lifetime TV Movie Thriller, Starring Josie Bissett, Zoe De Grand Maison

Pregnant At 17 is the latest suspense movie to air on Lifetime this Saturday. The dramatic thriller surrounds a 17-year-old girl who becomes pregnant with an older married man’s baby and is later stalked by the man’s vengeful wife. The tables turn when the wife begins to feel sympathetic toward her husband’s pregnant mistress. It is directed by Curtis Crawford and written by Christine Conradt. Filmed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Pregnant At 17 stars Josie Bissett as Sonia Clifton, Zoe De Grand Maison as Chelsea, Roark Critchlow as Jeff, Rogan Christopher as Greg Foster, Corina Bizim as Laren Foster, Jake Manley as Adam Wilson, Alex Devine as Angela Wheeler, Douglas Kidd as Mark Williams, and Lanette Ware as Detective L. Miggs, according to Deadline.

Pregnant At 17 Movie Synopsis

Pregnant At 17 on Lifetime is about Sonia Clifton, a middle-aged married woman who discovers that Jeff, her husband of 10 years, is having an affair. Feeling that something has been going on for some time, the veterinarian makes it her business to find out more information about the little hussy who has taken her man. To her horror, her husband’s lover is a 17-year-old girl named Chelsea, who is not only underage but also pregnant! While enraged and disgusted at first, Sonia’s feelings began to change from wrath to empathy, causing her to want to support the young girl when it becomes apparent that Chelsea is a vulnerable girl who has no idea that her older boyfriend was married. In what turns out to be a three-way committed relationship, Chelsea realizes that she has placed everyone’s life in danger when a wicked ex-con from her past emerges and threatens to ruin everyone’s future.

A Little Bit About Josie

Josie Bissett is a talented actress who has been lighting up the screen since the 1990s. Recently, she told Creators that she enjoyed working on the Lifetime film.

“I loved it right away specifically for that. There was so much emotional range. It was fun to dabble in getting dirty and doing stunts.”

Here is some bio information about her, according to JosieBissett.com.

“Josie Bissett is recognized internationally for her role as the popular ‘Jane Mancini’ on FOX-TV’s ‘Melrose Place,’ which ended its successful seven-year run in May 1999. To date, she has graced over 50 magazine covers, including such publications as TV Guide, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Shape’s Fit Pregnancy and New Woman.

“In addition to acting, Josie has hosted numerous shows. She most recently co-hosted Lifetime Television’s morning talk show, ‘The Balancing Act.’ She previously hosted ‘Parenting & Beyond,’ a show that offered parents creative solutions to everyday problems, so that they can have more quality time to enjoy their family and watch their children growing up. She also hosted the PBS educational special, ‘Teach More, Love More.'”

Pregnant At 17 is one of many movies that Lifetime Television has presented with a similar theme. One that comes to mind is The Babysitter Seduction— a movie about a young girl who has an affair with her married lover and becomes a suspect in his wife’s murder. There are also two other movies that have aired on Lifetime about teen moms, such as Fifteen And Pregnant, which is about a teen who struggles with issues surrounding her boyfriend and parents, as well as The Pregnancy Project, a movie about a young girl who poses as a pregnant teen, in order to expose the mistreatment of teen moms in school. Movies in the “At 17” franchise, includes Lifetime’s Accused At 17 and Betrayed At 17.

Pregnant At 17 will debut on Saturday, February 20 at 8 p.m, with a repeat episode on Sunday. It is produced by NB Thrilling Films 7 and Reel One Films 8, with Tom Berry, Neil Bregman, and Pierre David acting as executive producers. Read a little bit about Kristy— a Lifetime movie slasher film that recently debuted.

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