5-Year-Old Girl Saves Grandmother and Dog From Burning House [Video]

This heroic 5-year-old girl used her quick wits after hearing her home’s smoke alarm. Thanks to her courageous efforts, the girl’s grandmother and dog are alive.

Cloe Woods leaped to bravery on the morning of February 17. It was just after her mother, 39-year-old Shone Arceneaux-Woods, left the residence to drop off her older children at the morning carpool.

Somehow, an accidental fire began on the stove. However, 5-year-old Cloe Woods didn’t allow the fire to intimidate her. According to The Times – Picayune, the little girl woke her grandmother, 76-year-old Claudia Arceneaux, and urged her granny to grasp her shoulder. The source mentioned that the 5-year-old girl’s grandmother is blind. So, Cloe knew that she would have to assist her quickly.

According to The Times – Picayune, when her grandmother attempted to grab a pair of shoes, the girl told her, “Grandma, don’t worry about your shoes. The house is on fire.”

Eventually, the 5-year-old girl, her grandmother, and their dog (Coco) were outside. According to WUSA-9, once Cloe Woods realized that everyone was safe, she began running house-to-house and telling neighbors to call 911. The little girl mentioned that she was trying to get water to pour on the flames.

The 5-year-old was drenching the sidewalk with water while her grandmother stood at the fence. While she was seeking help and water, her mother arrived back at the house. Cloe, then, told her mother the news. Upon hearing the situation, the little girl’s mother jumped from her car and into action as well.

5-Year-Old Girl Saves Grandmother and Dog From Burning House I
The source also mentions that the little girl’s mother returned and entered the house. However, once she opened the door, she couldn’t see anything. There was smoke exhaust coming from everywhere.

Nevertheless, according to The Times – Picayune, Cloe Woods recalled the firefighting skills she learned during a school field trip to Kenner Fire Department on October 14, 2015.

During the lecture, the little girl — a student of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School — was very attentive. Kenner Fire Chief John Hellmers mentioned that “it’s remarkable that Cloe didn’t hide, but took action when she heard the smoke detector activate, alerting her grandmother and insisting they go outside.” Likewise, her mother noted that her 5-year-old girl is their little hero.

Since the fire incident, the source mentions that Red Cross temporarily moved the displaced family to a hotel for approximately one week. During the hotel stay, a Go Fund Me page was created. They’re attempting to raise $5,000 and have already exceeded their goal within 23 hours.

In the fundraiser’s description, it gives acclamation as follows.

“Thanks to the Kenner Fire Department for welcoming our students to their fire station and taking the time out of their day to teach them about fire safety, this family survived this tragedy with no loss of life, only loss of property.”

During an interview, Cloe Woods mentioned that the smoke alarm resembled a horn. When it was time to act, the 5-year-old girl wasn’t frightened, she said. Contrary to what could’ve happened, the little girl saw the fire as motivation to act, not hide.

5-Year-Old Girl Saves Grandmother and Dog From Burning House II
Because of Cloe, everyone avoided a worse-catastrophe. Great job, Little Cloe.

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[Image and Video via YouTube]