Ghost Hunters Capture Video Of ‘Hooded Monk’ In Church That Has Been Linked To Devil Worship And Witchcraft [Video]

A pair of English ghost hunters who took a trip to the abandoned Old St. Mary’s Church in Clophill, Bedfordshire, England, last week had the surprise of their lives when they seemingly captured on video what they believe to be the ghost of a hooded monk.

On February 10, the ghost hunters — 48-year-old Dean Johnson and his 20-year-old partner-in-training Charlie Spalding — decided to take a visit out to Old St. Mary’s church so Johnson could give Spalding some training in ghost hunting techniques and the use of equipment. While they were on the road outside leading up to the church, Spalding decided to stop for a moment to check out the camera on his cell phone, when they allegedly captured the video of ghost monk.

“We had been standing on the public road outside the church for 10 minutes and my partner Charlie was testing the camera on his phone. We hadn’t even had a chance to set up our three cameras with their tripods.”

The amateur ghost hunter said that when Spalding looked back on the footage, they were both shocked to see what appeared to be the ghost of what he called a hooded monk walking past an archway of the church. According to the Daily Mail, the pair rushed to the church to see if it was perhaps a person, rather than a ghost, walking through the abandoned building, but it was empty.

“We rushed back to the church but there was no-one there. The tower was locked so whatever it was was heading to a dead end.”

Johnson said that the “ghost” they caught on camera was still unexplained, but that he planned to return to the church to try and get more evidence.

This isn’t the first time Old St. Mary’s Church has made headlines. Aside from being a hot spot for paranormal investigators, amateur ghost hunters, and the occasional teenager, it has also reportedly been the site of devil worship and witchcraft. According to Spooky Isles, a website that specializes in European ghosts, long before ghost hunters flocked to the abandoned church in hopes of catching a glimpse of a ghost or two, the church had had its fair share of creepy occurrences. During March of 1963, what the headlines called “Satanic graffiti” had been scrawled across the church walls during the night. Further investigation found one particular grave — that of Jenny Humberstone, who was the apothecary’s wife in the 1700s and who died in 1770 — opened and damaged, and her remains removed from the coffin. Her bones were found to have been arranged on an alter, with her skull impaled on a metal spike. The arrangement of her bones led many to believe that devil worship and satanic rituals were the reason.

Not long after, Jenny’s grave was disturbed again, but since her bones had yet to be replaced, the vandals destroyed her coffin and scattered the pieces. On Midsummer’s Eve in 1969, the church was attacked and vandalized once again. That date, in particular, had townsfolk and local media believing it to be the work of witches. Old St. Mary’s was attacked for a final time in 1975, when more graves were dug up and bones scattered throughout the church.

The amateur ghost hunters had heard of the alleged Satanic rituals but are unsure how their hooded monk ghost fits into the picture. What Johnson does know, however, is that the video they captured of the alleged ghost is the best evidence he’s even been a part of.

“We’ve travelled the length of Britain looking for evidence of ghosts but this is the best evidence we’d have so far.”

What do you think? Is the figure in the ghost hunters’ video a real ghost?

[Image via Brookie/Wikimedia Commons/Cropped and Resized/CC BY-SA 3.0]