Nicolas Cage Attacks Children In Upcoming Horror/Thriller/Comedy Film ‘Mom And Dad’

Nicolas Cage is set to work with director Brian Taylor yet again, but on an entirely different project than last time. Screen Daily reports that the pair previously worked together years ago in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and in the new project Brian Taylor will still be the director and Nicolas Cage will be the star.

This time, the film is simply called Mom And Dad, and has been described as a horror-thriller with some elements of comedy. The film follows a teenage girl and her younger brother in their efforts to survive a mass hysteria that lasts only 24 hours, but that mysteriously causes parents to attack their children.

The executive producers for Nicolas Cage’s new film will be Jere Hausfater and Cassian Elwes.

Director Brian Taylor spoke about how happy he was to work with Nicholas Cage again, and on this particular project.

“This is the kind of role Nic was put here to play. Human, funny, scary – somehow grounded while at the same time completely off the rails. For a filmmaker there is nothing quite like the experience of Nic Cage bringing a character you’ve written to life.”

In other Nicolas Cage news, the star has been forced to return a stolen dinosaur skull to his rightful home in Mongolia. Rolling Stone reports that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has had to step in when it came to be known that the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Bataar was illegally smuggled into the United States and later sold at an auction. In a bizarre twist, Nicholas Cage was the one who purchased the 67 million-year-old dinosaur skull at the auction in 2007. The auction took place at a Beverly Hills estate, and Nicolas Cage paid $276,000 for the fossil.

In an even more bazaar twist, Rolling Stone reports that Nicolas Cage paid so much for the Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull because Leonardo DiCaprio was attempting to outbid him throughout the auction.

Luckily, Nicholas Cage is not accused of any wrongdoing himself, as it has been shown that he was completely unaware of the origins of the fossil. Had he known that the Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull had been illegally smuggled into the United States, perhaps he would not have bid at the auction. In any event, Nicholas Cage was forced to give up the expensive fossil so that it could be returned to the Mongolian government, from which it had originated.

In fact, it is Erik Prokopi who has been blamed and sentenced for the original theft of Nicholas Cage’s Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull. Prokopi, a paleontologist, pleaded guilty to removing several fossils from the Gobi Desert and selling them on the black market. One of those fossils was the one that Nicolas Cage eventually purchased, and Prokopi served a three month prison sentence in late 2012 after being found guilty.

It seems unlikely that Prokopi will commit the same offenses again, as following his conviction and jail sentence he has helped Mongolian authorities locate almost 20 other fossils that had been stolen and illegally sold.

The export of fossils and dinosaur bones from Mongolia has been against the law since 1924, but Prokopi managed to sidestep the restrictions by labeling the fossil that Nicolas Cage eventually purchased as “fossil stone pieces.”

Finally, Nicholas Cage fans in or around the Michigan area were in for a treat last month, as a vintage Ferrari that previously belonged to Nicholas Cage was proudly displayed at the Michigan International Car Show. M Live reports that the car show, which ran for four days from January 27, showcased more than 35 car manufacturers, but Nicolas Cage’s little yellow Ferrari was certainly one of the high point for visitors.

Nic Cage drove a #Ferrari in both of these 2000 movies: Gone in 60 Seconds. and in Family Man.

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