Jenelle Evans Hospitalized Again And She May Have A Tumor

Jenelle Evans's health has not improved and once again, the young Teen Mom 2 star is in the hospital. Radar Online reported that Jenelle entered the hospital because she was experiencing several problems and she wanted to find out what was wrong with her.

A source told Radar Online, "She's in the hospital in North Carolina right now. She just went this morning. She drove herself and is there with Dave and Kaiser."

However, when the source said what Jenelle Evans' symptoms were, many people began wonder if she should have driven by herself. It was clearly not a safe for anyone to drive when feeling dizzy and/or weak like Jenelle was experiencing.

"She can't walk from her muscles in her legs and hips being so weak. She's dizzy and very pale. She's also having hot flashes and cramps."
Last month, Jenelle Evans went to the hospital only to have her doctors diagnose her with extreme anxiety, caused by her dramatic lifestyle. This time, when Jenelle went to the North Carolina hospital, the doctors decided to give her more tests and they have concluded that she may have a tumor.
"They think it's her pituitary gland in her brain causing all of this. That might mean a tumor, but Jenelle's not sure."
If this is true, then Jenelle was right all along when she thought she had something seriously wrong with her. Doctors at the North Carolina hospital will have to do more tests before they make a definite diagnosis, but the source said, "They are very concerned and have all of her paperwork from every time she has been to the hospital."

The first time Jenelle went to the hospital, the doctors took some blood tests and sent her home. Another source said that Jenelle asked them to do a thyroid test on her, but they refused. They believed that the drama Jenelle had been going through caused an abnormal amount of stress that caused her symptoms, which included problems in walking, restless leg syndrome, breathing issues and loss of coordination.

Earlier this month, Jenelle Evans felt her condition had to be more than stress related, so she scheduled an appointment in New York at the NYU. Jenelle and her current boyfriend, David Eason, went to New York for some medical tests. She posted a picture of herself wearing a hospital gown on Instagram with the message, "If you all MUST know why I'm here, like I said up here for medical reasons." However, they did not find anything wrong with her, and they sent her home. However, while Jenelle and David were in New York, they had a fun time.It is easy to think that Jenelle Evans' symptoms are stress related, because she has been dealing with a lot of drama. Jenelle and David went on a Florida vacation, but when they came back, they discovered their car had been stolen. It didn't take Jenelle long to find out that her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith, took the car. She could not press charges against him because his name was on the title, but she did go after him for the items that were in the car at the time.

A source told Radar Online, "He took jewelry, an iPad, a car seat, stroller, her kids' jackets, her jacket, tanning lotion worth a lot of money, and more. Nathan knows where she parks the car when she is out of town and he has spare keys."

Jenelle Evans has at least two trials coming up, one against her mother Barbara and the other is with Nathan's new girlfriend. Janelle wants custody of her son Jace, who is currently being cared for by her mother. The second is a jury trial filed by Nathan's girlfriend who claims that Jenelle threw a glass at her while she was sitting in Nathan's pickup.

Do you think Jenelle Evans has a tumor, or are her symptoms caused from all the drama that seems to follow her?

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