Will Sarah Buxton’s Tutublue Swimwear Get A ‘Shark Tank’ Investment?

Actress Sarah G. Buxton pitches Tutublue to 'Shark Tank'

For Sarah Buxton, it took a melanoma scare to get her serious about skin protection. The actor came out of her cancer experience with eyes opened about the dangers of the sun, and eventually a new product idea. Buxton created Tutublue, a company that produces full-body swimsuits that offer UPF50 protection. She’ll be pitching her business to the Shark Tank investors on Friday night.

Tutublue seems like a natural extension of Buxton’s acting career. Her lengthy credits include the late-1990s series Sunset Beach and even one episode of Baywatch. The native Californian and current resident of Laguna Beach has apparently spent more than a little bit of time in a swimsuit on the beach. If anyone knows what beach-loving people are looking for in a suit that’s functional and practical, she should.

Shark Tank was quick to pick up on her background in the spotlight, with the official show synopsis describing her as “a former soap star villainess from Sherman Oaks, CA,” in apparent reference to her time on The Bold and the Beautiful as Morgan DeWitt. Her time on the show spanned two years. Since leaving B&B, she’s had spots on Glee, Criminal Minds and CSI: Miami. In a video filmed as an interview for a Shark Tank slot, Buxton touted her recent work in design.

Although she is now in fine health, after discovering the potentially devastating effects of the sun, her life took a bit of a different turn. Buxton told Stu News Laguna that her desire to remain active in part led her to create Tutublue.

“I was inspired to make a suit where I could still enjoy the outdoors, on my terms. I didn’t want to hide in the shade and rely on sunscreens, which tend to be greasy and continually need to be reapplied.”

The lines are made to be stylish, so people can not only get their sun protection but also make a fashion statement. Tutublue’s official website sells women’s, men’s and kids designs, and states that the garments are locally made. Tutublue is on sale in some retail locations in Laguna Beach and Miami Beach.

'Shark Tank' hears from Sarah G. Buxton

If the product fills a need, will the sharks invest? As Carter Matt noted in its episode preview, that depends on whether there is proof of demand, and the products are indeed as fashionable as Buxton attests. There is little to deny that covering up may be the best way to enjoy sunny days. The Cleveland Clinic states that sun exposure is a major cause of skin cancer, which is now the most common of all cancers, and the Clinic recommends wearing protective clothing as a preventive measure.

Hugh Jackman made news by revealing this week that he’s dealing with skin cancer for the second time. The actor spoke to ET Canada about his diagnosis, saying he is lucky it isn’t worse. He implied his countrymen are dealing with an uptick in cases.

“There are three types of skin cancer, melanoma being the worst. The best, or the least threatening, is a basal cell. So I’ve only ever had basal cells. In Australia, it’s sort of the new normal.”

Shark Tank airs Friday nights at 9 pm on ABC.

[Photo by Tutublue/Instagram]