Did Sage The Gemini Cheat On Jordin Sparks Prior To Their Split?

Sage the Gemini VMAs

Sage the Gemini and Jordin Sparks split weeks ago, and recently, he pled for her to come back to him on Instagram. However, while Sage the Gemini claimed in his post that he would be a “good boy” as he waited for Sparks to come to her senses, he may be hiding a dark secret.

Earlier this week, as Sparks took part in the Grammy Awards festivities around Los Angeles, Sage the Gemini shared an emotional message on his Instagram page, in which he opened up about his split, claiming to be wanting his ex-girlfriend back, and wishing she would answer his text messages and phone calls.

“You the only girl I can call at 3 in the morning and you’ll answer no problem. You the only girl that can wake up out of a dead sleep and get me some water because I was coughing in my sleep the only girl that loves me the way you were supposed to,” Sage the Gemini began his post, which has since been deleted.

Sage the Gemini went on to tell Sparks that he missed her, and applauded her on a white outfit she wore to Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Awards party over the weekend. He also shared a photo of him and Sparks sitting side-by-side, explaining that the photo was taken as he looked around at the men ogling his girlfriend, but received nothing but reassurance from his then-girlfriend. Sage the Gemini even compared their Kodak moment to “the little lady standing in front of the Hulk,” who was the only one who could calm him down.

At the end of the post, Sage the Gemini concluded his plea by requesting Sparks call him, and insisted to her that his good behavior would continue.

Although Sage the Gemini’s post seems to suggest that he did nothing to prompt his split from Sparks, Hip Hollywood noted that there may be more to the story on February 17. Following the rapper’s plea days ago, the report claimed sources began pointing fingers at Sage the Gemini, as if he had been unfaithful to his girlfriend of nearly one year. However, rather than allow the speculation to continue, Sage the Gemini quickly shot the reports down. Still, rumors persisted and on February 18, more details regarding Sage the Gemini’s possible cheating were revealed.

According to Rolling Out, Sage the Gemini was accused of cheating on Sparks with his ex-fiancee, Curium Hurley, sometime last year. As the outlet revealed, sources claimed to have images of Hurley showing screenshots of text messages sent between her and Sage the Gemini, and in one of the alleged messages from the rapper, he was reportedly seen asking for her to take him back, despite being in a relationship with Sparks at the time.

“In the text messages, Hurley also allegedly claimed that she had gotten pregnant by Sage while he was with Sparks,” read the report.

After the cheating rumors began swirling about his split from Sparks, Sage the Gemini revealed a statement to fans on Instagram, and announced he would be taking a short break from his social media page.

“Before I leave IG alone just wanted to clear no one cheated and I deleted the post because I hate when people get bashed everyone have a good day,” Sage the Gemini wrote to fans.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV]