Lisa Vanderpump Talks Hiring Stassi Schroeder Again And Jax Taylor Possibly Stealing From Her

Would Lisa ever hire Stassi Schroeder back to work at SUR? In an interview with E! News, posted on Wednesday, Lisa talked about the possibility of Stassi being one of her employees again. Lisa also talked about another controversial Vanderpump Rules cast member, Jax Taylor.

Unfortunately for viewers who were hoping to see Stassi wait tables at SUR again, Lisa emphatically said that she would never hire Stassi to work at her restaurant ever again.

“No. No! No.”

While Lisa doesn’t want Stassi as an employee again, that doesn’t mean that Lisa now wishes that she didn’t help Stassi when she was threatened with a sex tape. It was revealed on Season 3 that Lisa paid off one of Stassi’s ex-boyfriends after he wanted money to keep a sex tape that he had of her private. Lisa told E! News that Stassi made a mistake and what her ex tried to do was simply wrong.

“She’s a young girl and she made a mistake and that was disgusting and that was an incredible breach of loyalty.”

Stassi actually met up with Lisa on a recent Vanderpump Rules episode to apologize for past behavior and to thank Lisa for what she did. Prior to meeting up with Lisa, Stassi told her version of what happened in regards to the sex tape, which was a tape of her masturbating during a FaceTime session with the ex, to friend Kristen Doute. The way Stassi explained it, she refused to pay her ex the $900 he was demanding. The next thing she knew, Lisa called and said that she paid off the man, without any legal papers in place.

“She’s like ‘I took care of it.’ And I’m like ‘What?!’ She’s like ‘We paid him $900 cash.’ And I’m like ‘So you gave him cash so there’s no record of it and you didn’t make him sign anything…'”

Stassi told Kristen that Lisa acts as if she saved her life.

“Like Lisa, literally the way she talks about the whole sex tape thing, it’s literally like I owe her my whole life. “

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lisa, after watching the scene, blogged that Stassi didn’t tell the whole story. According to Lisa, Stassi called her sobbing over what her ex was threatening.

When they did have their meeting, Stassi apologized for her past behavior, admitting that it was disrespectful. Lisa, sensing that Stassi wasn’t being genuine, scolded Stassi on being ungrateful, publicly badmouthing her, her business and her employees, and acting as if she’s better than everyone else. Lisa told Stassi that she had both a great boss and a great friend but then she “f**ked it up.” Stassi continued to apologize and offered Lisa $900 to compensate for paying off the ex. Lisa felt insulted and refused the money.

During their meeting, Lisa Vanderpump revealed that the ex in question who tried to sell the sex tape was actually another employee of hers. Lisa told Stassi Schroeder that she warned her that the guy was “sleazy” the entire time and that’s why she fired him. In regards to the ex’s identity, Stassi herself has only said that it wasn’t Jax Taylor, with whom she was in a relationship with when Vanderpump Rules started.

Speaking of Jax, he also found himself in hot waters with Lisa when she learned that he was arrested during a group vacation in Hawaii for stealing a $300 pair of sunglasses. After Jax was bailed out of jail and flew back home, Lisa had him come to her home for a tense talk. Lisa asked Jax why he did such a stupid thing. When Jax said that he was drunk, Lisa said that was just an excuse. Lisa ended up suspending Jax from work for two weeks without pay.

Lisa told E! News that she believes that Jax won’t make the same mistake again.

“I think he’s learned a very, very valuable lesson. I think it was tough on him.”

As for whether Lisa Vanderpump is worried about Jax Taylor, whom Stassi Schroeder claimed in her Vanderpump Rules interview has been a shoplifter for years, stealing something serious from her, Lisa said that she has very tight security.

“We’ve got very tight security…if I was chasing every single person who’s stolen half a bottle of wine behind the bar…But all the money and that, no, no, no. I’ve got that figured out. I’ve had 29 restaurants.”

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