Gwen Stefani Talks ‘Make Me Like You,’ Jokes About Her & Blake Shelton’s ‘Alien’ Baby

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani

It’s official. Gwen Stefani’s latest single, “Make Me Like You,” is all about her boyfriend Blake Shelton. While most fans of the song assumed Gwen Stefani was speaking of her man in the recently-released track, which speaks of a new love, it wasn’t until an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she finally confirmed suspicions.

“It is actually,” Gwen Stefani told Kimmel after being asked if the song was about Blake Shelton. “I will admit that that song is about that guy.”

According to a February 17 report by Us Weekly, Gwen Stefani went on to reveal she channeled both pain and love in her new album, This Is What The Truth Feels Like.

“What’s so crazy is that sometimes tragedy, if you really absorb it, you can turn it into something beautiful. And this whole album is about trying to take something that’s awful and healing from it,” Gwen Stefani said.

During Monday night’s Grammy Awards, Gwen Stefani debuted the new music video for “Make Me Like You,” which was shot live during one of the show’s commercial breaks, and during the video, she added a joke about the ongoing rumors surrounding her relationship.

Following a scene from “Blake’s,” Gwen Stefani was seen at a salon looking through a magazine, which featured a cover that read, “Gwen Pregnant With Alien Baby.” On Instagram, Gwen Stefani shared a screenshot of the moment with fans, and wrote, “Alien baby???”

Since Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s romance began in November of last year, amid production on the ninth season of The Voice, the couple has been targeted with rumors of a possible pregnancy, even twins, and an upcoming wedding, as well. However, all the while, they have continued to deny the reports and continue to enjoy their relationship as it currently is.

As for the pain channeled in Gwen Stefani’s music, that likely stems from her divorce from Gavin Rossdale. As Us Weekly revealed months after their split, Rossdale was accused of engaging in a three-year affair with the couple’s former nanny, Mindy Mann, right under Gwen Stefani’s nose. According to the magazine’s source, Gwen Stefani was made privy to the alleged affair by another staff member, and later discovered incriminating text messages sent between Rossdale and Mann, in which the rumored couple arranged to meet for sex. However, when confronted by Gwen Stefani in February of last year, Rossdale denied the affair, and claimed his texts were nothing more than flirtation.

Although Gwen Stefani’s marriage to Rossdale, the father of her three sons, lasted for a few more months after the initial claims, she eventually filed for divorce in August of last year, and now, she’s hoping to move the process along quickly.

Gwen Stefani “has been pushing her attorneys to do all they can to finalize her divorce from Gavin as soon as possible,” a source told Life & Style magazine, via Hollywood Life on February 17.

Not only does Gwen Stefani reportedly want to make room for a possible engagement in the future, she’s also said to be in competition with her new boyfriend’s former wife, Miranda Lambert, who recently became serious with her new boyfriend, Anderson East, whom she started dating at the end of last year.

“[Gwen Stefani] feels like she’s in a race with Miranda to see who can get married first,” the source told the magazine. “She can’t help it — she’s playing along with [Miranda’s] games.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]