‘Battleborn’ Rogue Faction Detailed In Latest Lore Overview

In Battleborn, players will have the option to tackle the game’s repeatable story mode in addition to a number of competitive modes. All content in the game will level up players’ Command Rank and individual Character Rank, and with a story mode just as important as the competitive side of things, developer Gearbox Software is revealing more information about the game’s five factions. Each faction includes playable Battleborn heroes that players will meet when the game launches, in addition to a wealth of lore on each group.

Players can learn more about The Rogue faction now with the latest preview on the official website. The Rogue faction is really a collection of outcasts, brigands, and other misfits. Members of The Rogues value freedom over everything else. Sometimes that freedom means taking from others while it sometimes means just living without restriction.


The Rogues in Battleborn focus on a few common activities to stay alive. They raid other factions, generally the corporately structured Last Light Consortium, for much needed currency. The Rogues are also known for seeking out rare and valuable relics all over the Solus system. Finally, The Rogues often shardjump or steal shards created by the darkening of planets. Sometimes Rogues got straight to the source to steal shards while they are also known to steal shards from others that have recovered them.

Although The Rogues do not truly enjoy any type of governance, the faction does look to a leader when they need it. Renya Valeria, also known as “the Valkyrie” is that leader. Renya earned the Valkyrie nickname by going out of her way to save potential recruits for The Rogues. In Battleborn gameplay, Renya excels at keeping others going with powerful shields while marking enemies for quick defeat. She can even deploy a Photonic Ward around herself to protect those within it while repelling projectiles.

Battleborn Orendi being chased by Phoebe [Image via Gearbox Software]Other members of the Rogues include “the Chaos Witch” Orendi and the penguin in a mech named Toby. Orendi is a master of chaos throwing that magic all over the battlefield. With the ability to increase her damage, apply status effects to foes, and reduce her cooldowns, Orendi is quite capable of harassing an enemy. Toby, on the other hand, uses technology to vanquish his adversaries. This adorable Battleborn character was not accepted into the Peacekeepers due to being “cute,” but The Rogues welcomed the genius engineer. With his mech “Berg” Toby protects allies with his handy Force Field and his custom railgun. Two more playable characters belonging to The Rogue faction have yet to be revealed.

The Rogue faction and its members are the third faction to be detailed by Battleborn developers. The two previously discussed factions include the knowledgeable nature-based Eldrid and the caste-based sometimes immortal Jennerit. Two more factions have yet to be detailed including the idealistic Peacekeepers and the profit-seeking Last Light Consortium. All five factions have members fighting to save the Last Star as playable Battleborn characters, and each faction presents a very specific set of ideas even if each individual has their own motivations.

Battleborn The adorable and dangerous Toby [Image via Gearbox Software]For instance, the Eldrid value knowledge and the preservation of information above everything else. According to the official preview on the Battleborn website, members of the Eldrid faction want to save the Last Star so that everyone can keep on learning more from it and the entirety of the universe. As The Inquisitr reported, the Jennerit faction is actually rather torn since its now leader chose to side with Varelsi and destroy the previous Jennerit home world. The leader of the Jennerit Imperium, Rendain, still works with the Varelsi to darken the Last Star. However, many people from that faction simply consider themselves Jennerit and fight to save the universe before it is too late.

Battleborn is expected to release on May 3 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players can pre-order the game now to receive the Firstborn Pack including five golden skins for Marquis, Montana, Rath, Renya, and Thorn. An in-game title that can be used on a player’s account is also a pre-order bonus as well. When Battleborn launches players will have 25 playable heroes to choose from as they progress through the game’s cooperative story mode or the game’s multiple competitive multiplayer modes.

[Image via Gearbox Software]