Lex McAllister Suicide Note: Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Sent Text Message To Family Members Before Fatal Drug Overdose

Lex McAllister Suicide Note: Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Sent Text Message To Family Members Before Fatal Drug Overdose

Lex McAllister sent a suicide note to family members on Monday, reportedly telling them she planned to end her life.

Within one day the Bachelor contestant would be dead, the victim of a drug overdose that appeared to take hours to take effect. Now family members are left trying to piece together what could have happened to the 31-year-old, whose full name was Alexa McAllister.

Family members were perplexed by Lex McAllister’s suicide, with sister-in-law Julie Turner McAllister telling People that Lex was “happy” when she last saw her and showed no signs of being suicidal.

Julie added that family members have not been able to find a suicide note or any other indication from Lex McAllister about what pain she may have been feeling.

“She was smiling,” Julie said. “We’ve looked through her phone, we’ve looked through her messages and we can’t find anything.”

But Lex McAllister did leave one final message, a text to family threatening to kill herself. Family members responded and called emergency services, which appeared at first to arrive in time. Lex was actually in stable condition when she arrived at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, but family members said the combination of pills she took led her into a downward spiral.

“She was brought to my facility while I was at work,” said Julie, an emergency room nurse. “So I was there with her, and so was her brother, my husband, who’s a police officer for the city. So we were both with her at all times. We were there when she came in, and she was alert at first, and then her health just declined rapidly, I think from the pills settling in her body.”

Julie noted that family members suspected Lex McAllister was struggling with depression and bipolar disorder, but said they had no idea how deep her struggle must have been. The tipping point may have come when Lex was unable to connect with some old friends, Julie said.

“It sounds like, from what we’ve been able to piece together, that she reached out to some acquaintances to get together or hang out and they were all busy and she didn’t tell any of us.”

McAllister appeared on the 14th season of The Bachelor, competing for the affection of pilot Jake Pavelka. Others in the Bachelor family reached out to Lex’s family this week, sharing their condolences and remembering Lex as a vibrant and happy young woman.

“In the short time that we knew Lex, she was a lovely person inside and out,” Bachelor producers said in a statement release this week. “She will be missed by the entire Bachelor family, and we extend our heartfelt condolences to her family and friends.”

Tenley Molzahn, who finished as the runner-up that season, shared a post this week on Facebook for others who might be struggling with thoughts of suicide.

“So sad to have learned about another life lost today. Remembering her vibrance & beauty.”

McAllister’s family also said anyone else struggling with suicidal thoughts should seek help (the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available toll free at 1-800-273-8255).

Lex McAllister may have not have left a suicide note, but she also left little other indication of any struggles she may have endured. Her Instagram page contained pictures of the former Bachelor contestant smiling alongside family members.

Birthday girl! ????

A photo posted by Lex McAllister (@lexmcallister) on

Her most recent post was a picture last week dedicated to a friend on her birthday.

Lex McAllister is not the first Bachelor contestant to commit suicide. In 2013, Gia Allemand died two days after hanging herself from a vacuum cleaner cord in her New Orleans home, USA Today noted.

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