‘Fallout 4’ DLC Fan Reaction, Content ‘Low Hanging Fruit’, And Pete Hines Talks Price Jump

Fallout 4 DLC Game

Recently, Fallout 4 game news entailed the announcement of the Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, and Far Harbor DLC. The extra content has been anticipated, but fan reaction wasn’t too favorable on some fronts when there was a price hike also announced that will be implemented next month, according to Gaming Bolt. However, those who sought to pre-order the game DLC Season Pass last year paid around $30, but there is still a window of opportunity left between now and March 1 before the price increases to $50, according to the Street Times.

However, there were still gripes showing up on Pete Hines’ Twitter feed from fans. One Fallout 4 fan expressed how this price increase is equivalent to that of a whole game.

“DLC pass going up to the price of a whole game? You’re breaking my ba**s here, Pete.”

Hines expressed the options that could be taken, as they do have the alternative to buy the downloadable game content piece by piece as they are released should the Season Pass not be favorable to some.

“We are doing a lot of DLC. If you don’t want to get SP and would rather buy the DLC individually, or not at all, do that, I guess.”

Fallout 4 DLC questions continued as concern for being lost should gamers install the content without having finished the main game was still abound. According to Pete Hines, it looks to be quite immaterial as the purpose of the DLC is to add to the already existing experience and doesn’t really stray from anything.

“Doesn’t really matter. Adds into your existing experience regardless of where you are and what you’ve done.”

The folks over at the Street Times thought a couple of the DLC packages weren’t all that inventive and likened them to “low hanging fruit” that’s not much different from what modders have already created. It looks like Automatron and the Wasteland Workshop add-ons are thought to be more “fillers” if anything, so if you’re not into building your own robots or further settlement building/crafting, one may just want to pass on those.

On the other hand, Fallout 4’s Far Harbor looks to have something quite appealing for the adventuresome type. Game rumors have been dropped by Boston locals involving mysteries of the depths, strange events, and a mysterious creature. Although it’s not known if those rumors tie into the expansion, the description entails a coastal trip to Maine and a new challenge involving an in-game investigative adventure with the Valentine Detective Agency.

The Fallout 4 DLC content was mentioned by the Street Times to be a risky venture and it was even considered risky for those who decided to go along with the Season Pass pre-purchase last year. Details of the content have been summarized, but it seems the only “meaty” one announced was the Far Harbor DLC, which is considered an additional $5 on top of the other two if purchased prior to March 1.

The complaints regarding “Bethesda breaking the trust of gamers” were considered “vastly exaggerated” according to an article at WCCF Tech.

Since Bethesda did wind up realizing they created more content than they had planned back in the day, they now valued the game DLC to be around $60. So it looks like they underestimated the finished Fallout 4 DLC product, but plan on keeping the price $10 cheaper than the valued item come March. Buy the game add-on sooner than that, then you’ll get it for even cheaper.

The Fallout 4 Automatron DLC is the first to be released come March, Wasteland Workshop in April, and Far Harbor in May.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for Bethesda]