Stephen Colbert Trolls The ‘Trumphole’ On ‘The Late Show’ [Watch]

Stephen Colbert spares no expense when he has a politician on his show, including Donald Trump. But last night was kind of a different scenario when Colbert had Trump on the show, via the “Trump Phone.”

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Colbert is still quite the classic comedian he has always been, but he has dropped the conservative act and posed more of a Colbert-style of comedy on The Late Show, hosting and comically berating politicians on both sides of the aisle. But here lately, the only side of the aisle that has been making the most headlines has been in the Republican presidential primary race.

Although Stephen Colbert has been classically attracted to the blue side of politics when it comes to his faux comedy act, his new persona has really laid into the GOP and their current landslide of ratings victories following their theatrical debates, which have not let up since they started way back in the fall of 2015 on Fox News.

There is one thing that Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump have in common, and that was the over-the-top antics that their respective characters have gone to in order to entertain an audience.

But last night, Colbert featured Trump on The Late Show via telephone after wheeling out a special phone that he called the Trump Phone. He did not spare Trump any comical shots before he brought his voice out live during the show with audience reactions ranging from applause and to a thundering round of “boos.”

Colbert opened the segment by saying that Trump has been running on the platform of “opening his mouth and saying things,” which he quickly followed up with “and one thing that frequently emerges from the Trumphole.”

Donald Trump is currently on the campaign trail, and after a win in New Hampshire, he is trying to win over voters in South Carolina. Stephen Colbert acknowledged this when he was on the phone with Donald Trump, and he asked him to make a specific statement.

“Please vote for me, y’all,” Colbert told Trump to say in order to appeal to voters in South Carolina.

Of course, Trump obliged him and repeated Colbert’s statement verbatim, with mild applause from the audience.

But Colbert could not just let go what took place in the last debate, which included the controversy over Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Scalia died last Saturday, and since the news of his death broke, Republicans on the primary trail, as well as in the Senate with majority leader Mitch McConnell, have called on President Barack Obama to step aside from appointing a new Supreme Court Justice and allow the next president to do so.

Colbert posed the question to Trump, “Would you allow the Senate to tell you [as president] not to do it?”

Trump has been steadfast on his main platform for the campaign as being a take charge kind of guy in the White House. So it was an interesting question for Trump to answer considering what he is doing right now on his campaign.

“Well, the Senate really has the right to do that,” Trump told Colbert over the phone. “I would certainly, if I were president, regardless of who that may be, I guess I’d put in a name. The Senate really does – especially for this fairly short period of time – have the right to not to do it, not to vote on it, not to approve it. Which is probably what they’d do.”

What followed from the audience was a series of “boos” that echo the sentiments of supporters from both major American parties.

Of course, Stephen Colbert just had to add his last words to that statement.

“You’re not making any friends here, Donald, I hate to say,” Colbert told Donald Trump.

[Image via CBS]